22 september 2022



Anna developed fever the 4th September. She tried 5 days to treat it with paracetamol. But on the 9th Sept we went to the hospital and she was admitted. They found an Amoebic Abscess … that might have been there for years. Now it is punctured and treated. Thank God and doctors.

Anna came home yesterday and ... is recovering well. 

I will go back to Ubon the 2nd Oct but Anna needs may be 2 more weeks to recover fully. 

Thank you for all prayers since the 4th Sept. We are thankfiul for brothers and sisters that are standing with us in this pioneering work in Ubon-Pakse.

We are so thankful for all Co-workers and Co-leaders we have in Ubon-Pakse. They are just wounderful doing very very well. 

God bless. Ingvar (Fred)