24 januari 2018

We need each other across denominational or nationality barriers.

I so much enjoy meeting the group of people who are involved in church planting in the area. 

The hunger and thirst for the word. The freedom in worship.

The team of Jom, Art, Paul and Moses are wonderful musicians and worshipers. It is so rare in this area to have skilled and anointed musicians so it is such a treat to have them serve in this group. Where most is in need of refreshing from heaven.

We started this first fellowship meeting of 2018, giving Thanks for 2017. Then also spending time to give our burdens to Jesus for the things we have failed to do or things we did wrong. Asking for forgiveness and forgiving ourselves too. We took some time to bless each other. 

I taught on forgiveness and the freedom from bitterness and the entanglement with our enemies encouraging to release them to the Lord. Freedom was already felt in the meeting, such sweet spirit. 
I had a feeling that Father was smiling as they spontaneously took each others hands around the room and sang about loving each other and being as one.

Some of the church planters are extremely lonely in their work. We are happy to serve them encourage and strengthen them. 

Today I had the news of 3 more missionary units leaving Isaan and my heart is saddened. We pray for more church planters both local and foreigners. I like to encourage all to be incorporated in a caring network to be able to endure the tough spiritual climate here. We need each other across denominational or nationality barriers. 
Love Anna  

23 januari 2018

Anna is in Ubon.

Anna writes today on FB: Arrived safely to Bkk. On the shuttle bus to DMK.
So happy to be in the nation of my heart, calling and assignment again.

Arrived 19.45 Thai time - travelling 26 hours. Welcomed by our Thai family. Thank God for a good journey. Now it will be nice to hit the pillow. Tomorrow I will meet the pioneer workers in the area. A meeting I always look forward to.

Pray for Anna and the team in Ubon having the pioneer meeting tomorrow 9:00 - 12:00. I will greatly miss them all. Ingvar (Fred)

21 januari 2018

Good month in Sweden

We have had a very good month in Sweden to meet Churches and individuals. It has really been building us up. I will stay up to the 2nd Feb but Anna will go to Ubon tomorrow.                              
On Friday I attended a funeral on the island called Åstol after Hilda Runegrund. She became 93 years old and was a faithful believer for us missionaries and pastors. Now we hope that others will pick up her and others' mantles in the prayer ministry for missions and missionaries.
Yesterday we celebrated Ruth's birthday. She was born 1st February for 40 years ago at Chandragona, Bangladesh. We and many are blessed with her life and service. At the  birthday party we were blessed to meet most of our relatives like my dear 2 brothers and their families.
Today, Anna preached in Betel Church Klädesholmen. Blessed meeting. 
Afterwards food was sold for the benefit of youth travelling to Ubon-Pakse in June for a mission trip. Good food and good fellowship.

Have a blessed week with Jesus in the Church life and in the society life. Ingvar 

4 januari 2018

Thank you for 2017 and .....

Thank you all for 2017. We look back on a very good year. Thank you all for cooperation in many different ways.

With the "Learning Experience" from 2017 we now look forward to 2018, with much cooperation. People are praying for Help and God is calling us into service.
2 Bible words are speaking to me. Jeremiah 3:15  And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. 

Many today are praying for leaders, who are leaders according to God's heart. This is on 2 levels: I pray that my leaders will lead me like this. But also I will be a leader for others like this.

And after the Day of Pentecost, Acts 6:10,  And they were not able to resist the wisdom and the Spirit by which he spoke. 

Stephen is often called a deacon. He experienced persecution and became the first martyr, but he also had wisdom and the Spirit by which he spoke. 

The world 2018 needs spiritual leaders who are filled with wisdom and letting the Holy Spirit speak.

My Prayer for 2018 is: "God, may 2018 be a year when your wisdom and your Holy Spirit will speak stronger in Ubon-Pakse. Also through me".

Be Blessed 2018