30 december 2014

Thank you God and you coworkers for 2014

We look back on an intensive and inspiring  year 2014. 
  •      Thank you God for your mighty actions 2014. God, you have done much more in          and around us then what we could produce ourselves.
  •      Thank you coworkers for 2014. You have been a blessing to us.

Good to be in cooperation with God and each other. Together we can make it better and quicker.

According to: YouVersion studies which scriptures 164 million users shared and remembered most this year of 2014. Following verses were shared nearly 69 million times 2014: The Top 10 are:

Number One during 2014 is:
“And do not be conformed to this world,
but be transformed by the renewing of your mind,
that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.

Trust that this bible verse has blessed us ... plus the whole Word of God.

Be Blessed from heaven …. and from having many coworkers 2015. Ingvar

23 december 2014

Christmas & New Years Letter

We wish You All
a Meaningful Christmas 2014
a Blessed Year 2015
Dear Friends

You can now click on this and find our Christmas and New Years letter.

Yesterday we drove 815 km from Ubon to Mondolkiri.     
This road is near the place Pol Pot died 1998.
Our Chiang Mai registered Car made it. 
Anna, Kie och Anna Kie
 Family Smith

Ingvar & Anna

11 december 2014

The fruit is falling into our hands....

We have been praying over a '' Community Mall '' for at least half a year. Yesterday we went there with a Thai friend to check the situation if we could rentthe outdoor stage for Christian artists for 3 nights in February.
When they heard the word Christian, the questions started flow. Suddenly we sat there with three who wanted to know more and had some time during their life time had longer or shorter contact with the church or Christians and these ladies expressed their desire to get close to God again.

Then came the next group sales managers and say: Where are you Christians (add, hiding)? It's here you should be to share and sing about Christmas on the 25th December. In the midst of society. Where the people are.

Their challenge hit right into my heart: Where are you Christians? It's here you should be!
We went on to another cafe / restaurant business to check out a room we would like to rent for teaching and prayer during the same event. We ordered coffee and a snack and the owner comes up and asks to sit down with us. '' This is on me, she says, I grew up with Catholic nuns, today I am a successful business woman. I would like to show my gratitude to you Christians for what you have given during the 10 years of my life. Mention my name when you come, and you will get much discount. ''
We talked to her about God who loves her, etc.
Yesterday we went home marveling over the favor of God and the favor of man.
With Love


9 december 2014

Today 42 Years Anniversary

For 42 years ago in Kungshamn Tarren A. asked me: "Do you love Anna Maria Johnsson". And I said: "Yes I do".
Today, 42 years later, I say the same, even much stronger. "Yes, I love you my beloved Anna .... maak maak”
We first met on the Mission Boat Elida. Ingvar

7 december 2014

The Light and the Mission Teams.

"...... then your light shall dawn in the darkness. And your darkness shall be as the noonday. "(Isaiah 58: 10-11) Wooow. This is good news.

Pioneer spirit is re-surrected. Bruce Olson has been in Sweden and we understand that many have experienced a re-calling for pioneer work. I also read this book when I was young:

We rejoice when we receive Mission teams from abroad and from other parts of Thailand. This weekend a mission team on 18 persons from Jaisamarn Church in Bangkok are here in Ubon. We had a good time of prayer, sharing God`s Word and receiving fresh call of God on Friday evening at the Center. Heaven was open and.... we understood that several of us 22 persons felt God's calling to service in Ubon.

Now we also pray for more Missions Team from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mae Hong Song. Ingvar

30 november 2014

Anna: Can you find for me a church with the warmth and love for the broken?

Someone called me and asked this question yesterday. The question penetrated my soul. And it reverberated against the walls of my heart until it breaks me.Someone had a comment the other week saying: You are so (read TOO) embracing.
Were is the church that is so welcoming that it is OK to come in imperfect. To be embrace by Fathers love and in the safety of that love let the guards down. Becoming true and honest. Offering a place, where it is OK to need a place of confessing our sins and receiving forgiveness. Where encouragement and hope is shared and voiced stronger than all the condemnation. Where is the church with love and warmth, for the ones freezing out there in the selfishness and cold heartedness of our times.
Does the question break your heart as it does mine? Shall we do something about it?

27 november 2014

Visits and visiting.

We are doing well and ..... have a open doors for others. Many people are coming and visit us these days.
Vi have some visitors that do not want to show their faces. But also ... the shoes outside tells us something. May God bless these people specially.
Thank you Kjell B. for coming and also helping us... down here on the more day-to-day and basic level.

Ther following statistics is .... very challanging.


Pray for Thailand needing the Gospel most of these 10 ASEAN countries.
We have also many open doors and visiting others .... out there. I am am trying on Daily basis to visit leaders/pastors/.....ordanary people. Many are working hard.... out there and are happy to be prayed for and blessed. Ingvar

11 november 2014

A good beginning

Last night we had to turn away  some who came to join the programme without registering first. We are already maximizing our capacity. An awesome response and an evidence and a sign to us that there is such a hunger for righteousness in Ubon. I am so very grateful to the Lord.  We are here at the right time.
Continue to pray for the participants that their hunger for God will keep them on this road to knowthe truth and wisdom in the deepest parts of their hearts. PS 51. That the hopeless will know hope, and shame will be washed from faces, that their will be a new song in their hearts and a testimony of God's greatness.

Pray for Sue, Jenny and me including our families, as we serve.

Starting Healing Group today.

In one hour (6pm Thai time) we(Sue my old friend in ministry and I ) are starting our first Introductory Inner Healing Group. We are starting with 15 people. We had to turn away some. But we are excited and expecting Father's love to go deep today in the hearts of those who are hungry and needing true unconditional love.
Thanks for praying.

27 oktober 2014

Today we go lower, deeper into the society

I am so grateful for all wonderful testimonies and the power of Gods love which we saw being poured out upon so many in Ubon. The seminar ''Becoming sons and daughters for such a time a this'' brought about 80 people joining the mornings and more people joined the evenings. So much joy and also tears, as the participants received a deeper revelation of Father's love.

By experience I know that this is a key to be able to be a true and overflowing witness of His love to a very broken community. We want to be vessels testifying of Him and His overflowing love for humanity.
After an awesome 4 days of seminar and ministry together with Jean Andrews(USA) and local team and from Chiang Mai we are today opening an interesting addition of ministry at the Community Center today. 

Just as I write this, downstairs about 15 alcoholics mostly from Bhuddhist background are starting their journey to freedom.

A Christian nurse practitioner working at the Psyciatric hospital in Ubon is heading the program. This is a first step to something which she and we also believe can develope into a ministry of restoration for the addicts. Some churches are joining in this work.
I am amazed at the pace God is working on so many levels in this part of Thailand. It is time for Isaan. Alcohol and gambling are huge problems here bringing poverty and an circle of evil and the common root of the trafficking problem.
Father empower N.P Pet and her team with your heart and wisdom to do and be all what you want them to do and be.
Love Anna

21 oktober 2014

Father God`s heart .....

When we came to Ubon for one year ago we quickly noticed that many cried out for help in their: Father/Mother-Son/daughter relationship. And even more Grandmother/grandfather relationship with their grandchildren.

This weekend (Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun) we have our 3rd Father Heart of God - Seminar in Ubon. This time we are happy to have Jean Andrews as our speaker. Follow us here on this blog, how it goes. 
This picture (below) is from one spiritual father - young man hug and prayer in Chiang Mai. Pray that many will experience the Father's great love for us all in Ubon.      
Pray for Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun in Ubon. Be also inspired of our new info - wall in the Community (Training) Center.

The flags are: Laos - ASEAN - Thailand. God bless you: Ingvar

14 oktober 2014

Do Networking+Own work=Build the Kingdom of God

The last days we have met many serving God in this area. We are very happy to 
                  Do Networking 
                   +    Own Work
= Build the Kingdom of God. 

We do clearly see that when we with right portion:  
Do Networking with an open heart + Have some own work we can = build up the Kingdom of God.

The focus is to help the local Christians to grow and multiply. Last Sunday we had a good day in a Udon Thani Church.
 And.... had some good time with a good friend of us.


27 september 2014

2:nd Pioneer Fellowship Day

We had a very good day yesterday with the Pioneers Fellowship Day from 9:00 - 15:00.
A total of 22 people attended: 17 Thai, 2 Americans, 1 Korean and 2 Swedes (Anna and me) for:

Exiting to see God calling many to move into church planting. We hope and pray that we can come alongside many more around here in Ubon and also across the river. A few years ago we had a large water project in Sa*lavan, La*os during 9 years. My dream is that we now could help some national pioneer workers … over there. Dreaming this, I am full of joy.

Have a great weekend. Ingvar

18 september 2014

City Builders Isaiah 61:1-4

This morning I was in tears when I opened a sequence of Bill Johnsson teaching on Bethel.tv,teaching titled 'City Builders'  https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10152698791320930&set=vb.54641600929&type=2&theater

It is so very encouraging for me and for those who have been laboring with us in the ministry of restoration. Loving and walking with the unloveables and the hopeless, honoring them as we are to honor all Gods creation, men and women whatever they have been through. Seeing them raised up to be vessels of honor and strong trees of righteousness. Then being THE ONES whom God is calling to be City Builders. I have loved Isaiah 61: 1-3 and it has been our motto in Tree of Life Ministry, until God 3-4 years ago pointed to Isaiah 61verse 4, and said: This will be their calling.
Thanks Bill Johnson for confirming and Thank you Jesus for prophecying through the lives of many, that this is true.
Today I am shedding tears of joy.
Love Anna

16 september 2014

Coworkers get Coworkers that .....

We are now back home in Ubon after a few days in Bangkok and Anna a few days in Chiang Mai. It was very good to see that The-Kingdom–of-God-presence in the city are rising. I was very happy to Bless the capital and the Bless the Christians of Bangkok.
I met co-workers who has co-workers. Kim is a Karen who has a calling to work with Muslims. Pray for them.

Be Blessed Bangkok …... in order to bless the whole country, including Isaan. Ingvar

6 september 2014


Five days in a class room setting; teaching, praying, ministering and seeing some lights come on in the eyes, some tears, chains being broken and burdens being lifted off. There were good testimonies now but I expect more testimonies to follow.
Today another testimony of the power of prayer and God's  intervention, a drastic change, and hope for one family to be able to do what they are called to do.
We do not always stay long enough to see the fruit. Once in a while it's good to have feedback and to see the fruit. To keep us going.

2 september 2014

Heaven touches earth when we agree with Father God.

This week I am teaching at the DTS of YWAM Ubon. A lovely group of people. Today during my  lesson on the Power of Forgiveness, which I have taught in many nations and many times that I can teach it 'in my sleep', suddenly I understand the agent behind the healings, miracles, restoration of body, soul and spirit and not the least relationships, which is common when someone makes the choice to forgive.

Suddenly the revelation, so simple that I can't understand why I haven't seen the connection before: When we decide to release forgiveness to an offender we are actually AGREEING WITH HEAVEN. We are agreeing with the Word of God. ''Forgive us, as we forgive our debtors.'' Luke 11:4  ''Forgiving one another just as God in Christ forgave you.'' Eph. 4:32. It is our Fathers will.
Agreeing with the Father is; coming in line with Him, submitting to His will. And the power of His grace is released. Heaven is opened. YES!!

I knew Father is pleased when we obey. He is not only pleased. He rejoices. Heaven touches earth and our lives when we agree with Him. I am getting excited.
Love Anna

29 augusti 2014

I speak----Jesus speaks

Many different methods have been used in Church Planting. Now many are realizing that Back-to-the-Bible is the best church planting method. Read John 4:39-42

39 Many of the Samaritans from that town believed in Jesus because of the woman's testimony, "He told me everything I ever did."
41 And because of his words many more became believers.
42 They said to the woman, "We no longer believe just because of what you said; now we have heard for ourselves, and we know that this man really is the Savior of the world."

We see here 3 realities in church planting:

We hear what Jesus is telling us ... and speak that to others. Our words produce results.
Jesus himself also speaks straight into people's lives. His word gives even greater results. Important is that we to 100% believe that even seekers and new Christians can hear the voice of Jesus.
The harmony in our words and the words of Jesus.
And by this way ..... things will happen that is much bigger than what we ourselves can produce. Exciting. Ingvar

25 augusti 2014

Asians reaching Asians

We are so proud of The Taiwanese Team, with 12 persons visiting us for 12 days. They are the offspring of our mission work in Taiwan. The youth used drama, dance, songs and testimonies to express the meaning of the good news. Pastor Timothy preached. And this coupled with compassionate love for Jesus, humility and love for the Thai, it become very powerful, in the Churches, Homes and in the Communities. Asians to Asians, works very very well. We are so grateful and proud of the fruit of Interact`s (Evangliska Frikyrkans mission. They left today, but hope to return annually. Most welcome Asian Christians to Ubon. Ingvar

23 augusti 2014

1st National Pioneer Fellowship

When it comes to Church planting, I hope no one can miss that I am greatly exited to work with National Pioneer Worker.

Yesterday we had a very good first 4th-Friday-of-the-month National Pioneer Fellowship, together with the Taiwan Mission Team. We were 28 participants (15 Thai, 11 Taiwanese, 2 Swedish) from 09:00-15:00.

Today we have been outside Ubon town with Taiwan team to a Pioneer Church. We had a very good time.  
Let`s all be exited to do Pioneer work in new areas. Here in Ubon we are only 0.20% Christians (including Catholics). Many are waiting for the good news.