30 maj 2014

Greatly blessed this morning

This morning we listen to Bill J.
Rest … in the storm.
“You only have authority over the storm you can sleep in".
Inside quality can …….effect outside.

Listen, it`s so good. Ingvar

17 maj 2014

Do more between 60-80....?

One person stated that he saw more happening around him between 60-80 than between 40-60. I've been thinking about that statement. If it is true that our own strength is the biggest hindrance in the growth in the kingdom of God, so .... it must be true that:

I can do more in the Kingdom of God when I am between 60-80 than between 40-60,
1) ..... for then I am weaker. And God can be stronger.
2) ..... for then I need to let others do more and train others more. And others can be stronger.

The other day I saw this 2.35 minutes long very good video clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ctRoJaHu0z0
It's about being a Multipliers or being a Diminishers.

In God's kingdom there are truths that we find hard to comprehend. There are paradoxes that we do not understand. I don't understand how these words (I now writing) can appear in front of you. And ... you can check out the same video 1000 mil away.

But I write anyway and believe that God will bless you. Ingvar

9 maj 2014

Turmoil and glory

I am on my way back home to Ubon after spending 6 days in the place I used to call my home, Chiang Mai. I have spent almost every moment awake, listening to stories which testifies of God's faithfulness, even if some of the stories were filled of pain, the sum of it all will be: God is Faithful.
Flight delays and misunderstanding, lock outs and earthquakes is part of my story. But my story will also sum up: God is Faithful. And His Faithfulness is my shield and buckler, according to PS 91:4 Swedish transl. I'm learning to rely not on man's faithfulness but Dad's. That makes a big difference.

And we need to realize that to some of our fiends we will seem to be failing them or rejecting them even if it is not intentional on our part, but circumstantial.

Today there is turmoil in the nation. Literally 1000's were waiting for taxis at Don Muang because of trouble, teargas and water canons...... I am glad I do not need to enter the city.
We are moving into an even darker time, we must work hard and focused while we yet have the freedom to work. Days are coming when we cannot. But now is the time when seemingly heaven joins hands with us to harvest and expand the Kingdom af God.
It's time to arise and let the glory of the Lord shine through us. Nothing less!

2 maj 2014

All Blessings to you Daniel

All blessings to you Daniel as our new Mission Director for INTERACT.

As both a member and a missionary in INTERACT I am happy  to be together, to do together and also to train others together that train others that train....
Be blessed Daniel as INTERACT Mission Director from Asia. We pray for you! Ingvar