23 september 2017

Word-of-God alive also today

We all need spiritual food. Not least working like we do here in Ubon-Pakse. Every day we meet many people who are "starving" from God`s food. Then it's best that I myselves first "have eaten". 

Yesterday I opened the Bible ... and the Word became alive:
Ps 32: 7-8
You are my hiding place;
You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Selah 
I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will guide you with My eye. 

Thank you Lord for your living word today, here in Ubon-Pakse for me personally and .... for more and more people in Isaan and southern Laos.
I need many Word-of-God-hugs today too. Ingvar

18 september 2017

Loving Jesus, loving HIS family

After hours of listening and trying to read both the lines and between them, my head was full but it felt more like it was empty. Ingvar and I had a very late lunch  together and extended it to a coffee as well, we just needed to digest all information, sort it into appropriate boxes of understanding. Pheeeewww!
Coming home I just longed to rest my eyes on the trees and flowers of the garden and my ears to the flowing water of the fountain. Feeling a bit rested I had a shower and showers a good for downloads!!
I was seeking God for a follow up meeting tomorrow. From what angle do I approach this task. As a mentor, advisor, how can I be neutral, honouring yet bring clarity and hope.

This is what I heard:
''This group has all the potential to succeed, because
1. Each and everyone is a true lover of Jesus.
2. They love the people of Isaan.
3. They are committed to serve Jesus.
4. Our righteousness is not their own and from their own strivings but from Jesus alone.''
Now I am looking forward to tomorrow.

Loving Jesus, loving HIS family.

13 september 2017

Weeping for a Nation

God sent us a new worker from across the nation. Khun Phetchara or Mem as we call her is a small brave woman in her 50's. It has been a tough ride for her the first month. A cross-cultural experience and new coworkers and most everything is new. Quite similar to our experiences as new missionaries.
She is getting to know all our three projects. The Child Safe Communities, the Tree of Life and New & Growing Church project.
Today she went with Lampuang to join in a couple of new house groups and she listened to the stories of church planters some of whom have worked for their whole lives in this region.
There is something that challenges me in our new worker. She weeps over Ubon, over the children, the families, over the hopeless and the broken. Weeps and weeps..... (she is not depressed).

We weep in seasons. There is a time for weeping, and there are times for laughter.
When she was ill last week we asked Jesus to reveal the cause behind her sickness(well that's what we do here, so that we can pray with insight and effectively). She suddenly sees a black shadowy being who tells her: ''You have entered into my domain''. She told us what she heard and we asked Jesus to speak to her and this is what she hears:'' My daughter, I have called you here, you do not need to fear for I am with you.''

We have learned and observed that this has been the devil's  harvest field for generations. Harvesting children and adults for the sex industry due to poverty, alcohol, gambling, broken families and a culture of abandoning their children to be raised by grandma's.
My experience of walking with Jesus now many years is that He goes to the lowest, darkest places, poorest, where the most unloveable or untouchable or despised by society or even by the church (who is His Family). And just as He called us here and Mem, Lampuang, Rose & Jom, Art, Phitsaniya and Amporn, Nang, Wilawan and Somai.....He will call more to come, to serve and to love.
Ingvar and I have cried a lot over this area. And we are challenged to weep more. Khun Mem is bringing more tears to this place and He collects them and we will reap a harvest for the Kingdom of God.
Will you join us in prayer, blessing the land with your tears.

11 september 2017

I trust you Dad!

I have been back in Ubon a month today. It has been a month trying to find a new rythm in life.
The Asian rythm, and still being aware of not to fall into the trap of doing things the way you used to last year. Life has moved on for our team for the work and we need to be sensitive to find where they are at.

I like what I see. More maturity, but also more and new challenges.
We live with a constant awareness that:
-We are not here forever.
-We need to steward well what God has given us, to sow and pray for multiplication.

If I would identify living and working here, I would use the words: 
                     Never a dull moment. 
                     Deep stuff. Dark stuff. 
                     Awesome coworkers. Wonderful people group. 
                     The need for supernatural wisdom. 
And the best I can do is to tuck my hand into Father's big strong hand and asking Him to hold me tight. Look Him inte the eyes and say.: Father I am so grateful that you know what you are doing.
Love Anna

4 september 2017

My Board Meeting Phobia is gone

Today we have had a Board Meeting here in Ubon-Pakse. An absolutely wonderful Board that truly can be called Good Governance.                        
Up to February 2000 I had a Board Meeting Phobia, but at Ellel Ministries in Canada something happened when I received prayer for this. And now I enjoy very much to sitt down, do planning and take decisions together with others.

But well ..... the truth is that I still enjoy even more to be out there, among the people on the grass root level. Ingvar