30 april 2015

God is moving and we dare not slow down

This past week symbolizes clearly the move and the work we are involved in here in Ubon Ratchathani.
Last Thursday we gathered the Network of Child Safe Communities.
Representatives came from 4 different organizations and churches and they listened and shared the challenges they have to work with youth and children.

On Friday we had R4U Fellowship of the National Pioneers.
They are a great group of enthusiastic evangelists and church planters. Our theme today: ’’The importance of eating breads ourselves so that we have bread to give to others.’’One of these precious friends shared how many of those coming to Christ are ‘grandmothers’ and are poor or illiterate. We asked: What do you do to feed them?
She answered: I copy and print Bible passages and make the text really big for                 them. I have started to buy few magnifying glasses for those who cannot afford to                 come to the city and buy glasses.  
I write my own tracts of testimonies with BIG font, copy and ask them to read. I find               good teaching on CD’s and MP3. But I have limited budget for CD and MP3 players.             I can only visit them once or twice a week to teach the word and worship because                 they are in several places and it’s 100 km’s away.
She shows me a list of at least 150 sheep she is feeding. Khun Nang or Neena  is 
bright and burning little Thai woman.

On Tuesday we met with a new Network of leaders, who join to support and encourage one another. 
A trend we see is that more networks are formed joining hands cross denominations for strengthening each other. And it is much needed as we know the church and mission history of Isaan was a tough and dark place. Many has fallen and gone in various ways. Now God is on the move and the enemy knows well.

Wednesday and today, CSC  Child Safe Community has had a workshop for teachers from 2 schools at the center.
 As they left, they begged Mint and Rose to come and help them to address Child protection and children’s rights at to the parents. The ball is now rolling.
Between all these gatherings there are the individuals to mentor to disciple to pray and cry with.

God is moving in Ubon and we dare not slow down. Thank you for praying for us in R4U, CSC and TOL.

Love Anna

26 april 2015

Trauma Care ... also from the beginning.

We participate with the people of Nepal and India these days. Praying for them constantly. Again we are reminded of the 4 parts of Catastrophes.

We as Church and Mission can (and should) take part in all four parts. We must not forget the 4e: Trauma Care part. Many of Nepal's 26,494,504 people (in 2011) + tourists + many millions in India find it difficult to sleep these days. Filled with worry, fear and trauma.

We can now help with the relief and rehabilitation, but my experience is that the Trauma Care must go hand in hand even from the beginning. Not only after 5-6 months.

We hope and pray that much material support will help the people of Nepal right now but also at the same time even now from the beginning, the peace of God will be there, directly from God and through God's People in Nepal. Ingvar

Pray For Nepal

Yesterday and today Nepal and India are experiencing very strong earthquakes.



15 april 2015

A good Word on the Way... and not loose focus.

We are all on a Journey and many things are happening right in front of us on the road and also on the roadside. There are constantly matters that wants to influence us. Even distract us and take control. Different “winds” are blowing, the market is calling: “Come and buy. Sale” and we can on-the-road be full of fear. Yes many different forces want to control us on our life journey.

We have right now here in Thailand and Laos the new year celebration called Songkran. The calendar year 2558 started 1st January but now is the 3 days celebration with much water. Thai New Year (Songkran), has similarities in Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bangladesh and parts of India.

During these 3 days, without any warning, we can get a bucket of cold water over us. Especially if we travel by Motorcycle or walk. All without any warning.

In life things happened from any side. Sometimes many needs and many demands wants to distract us and take control. Best is to be prepared with having the Helper, the Holy Spirit living in us, so we don’t lose Focus.

Not to lose focus has spoken to us strongly the last week. And we are thankful for God`s personal strength and power to each one of us so we can fulfill God`s good plan for us.

Now and then I go to YouTube and listen to a good sermon. This was a good sermon... 

 …………. and I was strengthened from within. God spoke. Ingvar

3 april 2015

Listen: Something amazing has happened.

We wish You
a Meaningful
         Easter 2015  

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