17 juni 2022

Living God`s 'Word - works every time.

Appreciate how God`s Word comes alive and works perfectly into today’s reality, wherever we are. I rejoice when I see how God helps us through every “chapter of Life and every life`s trail.

The evil one always wants us to give up and flee from our assignments. But God`s word urges us not to give up:

                                                    God bless. Ingvar (Fred)

6 juni 2022

Sweden - be blessed as you bless.

                                        Today is the Swedish National Day.

Thank you
God for our beautiful country! God protect our country and our people. Help us to be more thankful and not take everything for granted. We pray for our country, especially today!
As missionaries, sent to preach the Good news, we are very thankful för Sweden.

Ingvar (Fred) and Anna