22 mars 2015

Being a missionary and mum to a missionary.

Yesterday  I was watching as little Anna Kie (soon 4 months old) was passed around from lap to lap. She is lovingly smiling into every new face, totally unaware of dirt and filth and bugs and germs.

Grandmother would love to take her back into her arms, keep her safe.

History repeats itself. I used to sit on the floor of the churches in Bangladesh, with same kind of feelings. Anne Kies mother is totally cool about the journey of her youngest in the congregation of people.

I honor my mother Inez who on a distance from her missionary children and grandchildren formed her concerns for them into prayers and supplications, interceding for each of them daily. Even until the last day on this earth.

Seeing Anna Kie and her family I'm challenged over again to trust in our awesome God increasingly more fully. Only He is in control. He doesn't sleep. He watches over each one of them. And over our family wherever they are. But prayers by faith and trust is GOOD!

14 mars 2015

Good to meet.

Happy to have my dear sisters-in-law here with us. Anna wrote yesterday on FB: My precious sisters are visiting my world!

And I added: Good to have my sisters-in-law in "my world" too. My dear brothers Rune and Lars Evert: Let's do the same .... one day!

It is good, blessed and we are encouraged to meet up with friends and family both here and ........ there. Ingvar

5 mars 2015

Yesterday a historical CPP day.

Yesterday we had a historic day here in Ubon & Pakse. Our Child Protection Policy (CPP) was ready, blessed and we signed. 

We were delighted that we now have this up-and-running:
a) for ourselves in R4U, ToL and CSC.
b) for others to copy in other organizations, churches, etc.

Why is this so important? We have seen that people, of their own free will, can choose bad life practices. And this is very harmful. But when a person is abused, especially as a child, he/she becomes deeply hurt. This can "control" this person as a child, as a youth, and even as an adult.

My research indicates that the greatest root cause (here in Isaan and southern Laos) to gender confusion, prostitution, human trafficking of various kinds, family problems, etc. is child abuse. Mostly an abused person losses his/her self-value 
       and after that (too often) he/she is available for “disposal” of other people.

Our prayer is that this material will spread like "wildfire" (become a movement) in Ubon and Pakse for awareness and also restoration. Praying that all children and young people in all institutions, churches, families, etc. around here can grow up in safe and secure environment. I'm sure that this will mean that it will also be much easier in Ubon & Pakse to trust Father God and feel more welcomed into the Churches.

The CPP is now being translated to English and Lao. Write to us if you want an example for: Copy-and-use as much as you can. Then we all will be very happy. Especially the children. Ingvar