22 februari 2020

Inspiration from a grandfather

My prayer is that I can, in a small and humble way, encourage and inspire you. When I was a teenager and also in my 20th I was greatly blessed by many elderly believers and ministers that spoke their experience and blessings into my life. I have 4 points for you:     

Look to JESUS … in problems and in blessings. Yes ”He walks with you and talks with you….” He is Emmanuel with you always.
Go for Pioneer work … the whole life. Many places are still waiting for the Gospel. It is believed that even now more than 90% of Mission initiatives goes into “reached” areas. It is easier to go to “reached” areas, build institution and …. train others to go out.
Plant new Churches. The mandate of reaching out in Missions is from the local Church. Churches can plant Churches. Offices can establish offices. To plant new Churches here in Isaan is…. a hard work. We need to help each other from many Churches in different kinds of Fellowships and Networks, so many new Churches are planted in unreached area like here.
Don`t give up …. at 60. Use your “Learning Experiences” and capacities to bless many…. even the young people. The World today needs more Spiritual Parents than ever. 

Greetings from a grandfather Ingvar (Fred)

14 februari 2020


Yesterday we had a Pastors Prayer Meeting here in Ubon. After a time of worship Geang said: "Let`s have 2-3 people sharing some Thanksgiving reports".

My first thought was: But here are so many problems, so many Prayer requests. 

3 pictures came before me:

1. One hand ….. full of problems

2. One hand ….. full of Blessings 

3. They came together     

This spoke to me:
First view: We are coming with all the problems. JESUS HELP US.
But in midst of problem we choose to praise and choose to thank JESUS. Not as an escape from reallity, but becase this is the reallity.
He is the only one who can turn the mourning into blessings. 

Thank you Jesus: I am learning to trust in you. I am becoming stronger. I am Thanking you with my both hands. 

So I can put the problems and the blessings together and I will find that …. the blessing is stronger. Much STRONGER. 

Yes, that’s the truth today even here in Ubon-Pakse. Ingvar (Fred)