31 mars 2018

LIFE is alive because of JESUS

Yes, the Good News this morning of Easter Sunday 2018 is that LIFE wins over death because of JESUS. Light always wins over darkness. Have a good Resurrection LIFE.

Let`s be more and more bold to share this very Good News as still too many are struggling in their captivity. Religion cannot fix our death and darkness. LIFE is alive because of JESUS.      Ingvar (Fred)

24 mars 2018

Easter Prayer 2018

Easter week , from today Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is the most unique week we have in history. Ever since I was 14-15 years old, Easter week has meant a lot to me.

God's fantastic action how death becomes life in our everyday life .... is the most exciting we can experience during our life journey. My Easter Prayer 2018 is:
Ingvar (Fred)

19 mars 2018

Do Not Give Up

This morning I woke up early, first worrying over the finance of the 3 projects. Than I opened the Bible ...... and God spoke to me from Hebr 6:14: 
Yes... this is God`s word to Abraham. But as I was reading it ..... I heard God saying the same to me. Wooooow. The word is living .... also for me today in Ubon-Pakse.

We were lost on the way to destruction. We met Jesus and he made us alive. First we became so exited. All things are new and we are in a honeymoon. Soon we found out that also as a Christian, my life can have problems. But in all   circumstances Jesus is confirming to us that: "I am with you and will help you"

Sometimes we can believe: "Only if I could be a missionary .... life will be good"

5 month ago I met one new missionary who has been on the mission field 1 year saying to me with great surprise: "Also in Missions there are problems". Hope and pray he will work this out with Jesus and not give up. 
  • I meet people full of enthusiasm. Inside and outside.
  • I meet people continue the ministry but have lost the fire inside.
  • I meet people that have given up.
I have taken a decision:
In order to stay fresh and not end up old and bitter I need to eat new fresh God`s Word

God bless you and do not Give up. And most of all, if you have given up inside be true to yourselves, to God and to others, also outside. Don`t pretend that you have not given up. The truth will set you free. Ingvar (Fred)

4 mars 2018

www=Woow What a Week

This Monday morning ....... we look back on a  very good week. Exiting. Most important is all the Encounters with God and with people. The following 3 parts is always needed:
..... coming in right proportions and at the right time. We have all different giftings we have to use during different seasons. But in all seasons, it is God's will that we "....shall bear fruit every month". Even if I work in an office. At the time of cold winter days or a hot summer days it's easy to stay inside and hope people will come to us. This week we have had a good balance between people coming in and we going out.

But, we also see tough things happened. Yesterday afternoon we both should speak in a Church service in Ubon that has been going on the last 10 months. But ... sat face .... it was canceled. In pioneering work, tough and sad things can happen. We can

  •  give up and run 
  • or be challenged, and do more

We have had a very good  www = Woow What a Week. Thank you all who enriched it, especially wonderful visitors, wonderful coworkers and all supporters. Thank you all for a very good retreat Thusday-Friday-Saturday. Ingvar (Fred)