23 december 2009

Have a blessed Christmas

We are now in Pai some 4 hours by car northwest of Chiang Mai and taking a 5 days rest. Have a blessed Christmas. Ingvar & Anna

18 december 2009


The Leaders of the world: Barack Obama is saying today: “We have no time to waste”. Hope he will show the way and together with the 192 nations sign the documents at COP15 in Copenhagen.

The Children of the world: Yesterday I signed here in Chiang Mai the INTERACT (CPP) Child Protection Policy. All INTERACT personnel, who are involved with children, will study, sign and follow this CPP. Therefore we, in leadership, are showing the way and signing first. I had a very good feeling signing this CPP document yesterday. But sadly, many children are abused and wounded in this world. Those who are stronger and more powerful are using their power over them creating wounded hearts and:”In there are many dark and closed rooms, with many padlocks. And the worst of all is that someone has stolen and thrown away the keys”.

In our world: We are all affected greatly by the strong people for good or for bad. Hope Obama will show the way and sign tonight – for the best of the world. Most probably many children hope that we Christian leaders show the way and sign and follow the CPP – for the best of the children. Ingvar

11 december 2009

Tree of Life's final workshop of 2009

Last night we had the final workshop for 2009. This year has seen more steady attendances than before in the programs that we've run. It is a joy to see the changes in peoples lives. And we pray all will give forward what they have received. Christmas is up ahead, let's give forward of the love and hope that we have received. That is more valuable than most material gifts, actually it even has eternal value. ''And now abide faith, hope, love, these three: but the greatest of these is love''. Love Anna

8 december 2009

The Tree finds a Garden

The Tree of Life Ministry has had it's home(Garden) in our home for almost 4 years. Training of leaders, healing programs, team meetings, the individual prayer ministry and the office work was done from our home. I believe we have had many angels in our home because we made our home open. We have been blessed and I believe our home has been a blessing to many.
The bigger workshop and healing programs of Tree of Life has already moved out to the Well (a Member Care organisation) a couple of years ago. They have a good conference room, and we are a member and a project under their foundation.
Now it is time for the Tree to be planted in it's own (rented) garden. We are now renting a 30m" in Sri Thawee Mansion on Soi 1, Tung Hotel Rd. Welcome to visit us. Love Anna

30 november 2009

Positive revists

The 24th January this year I came unconscious to this hospital in an ambulance and was 3 days fighting for my life. I had 4 days in ICU and recovered for 36 days in the room next to this one. I was totally 40 days in this hospital.

Yesterday morning I came here driving the car by myself, walked in and was fully awake during a 45 minutes hernia operation. Today after 24 hours, I will be discharged and come home.

It is good to make positive revisits to places, even operation theaters and ICUs, where we have had bad experiences. Last time my 4 days experience at ICU was …. terrible. This time I had a good talk, even during the operation, with the anesthesia doctor and the surgeon himself. And the 3 hours in the recovery room was a good experience, while the ability to sense returned from waste down.

In prayercounseling we are sometimes encouraged that in prayer together with Jesus ”revisit” dark memories and together with Jesus (Immanuel, God with us) realize that he was there, even if we were not aware of his presence and work.

It is also positive to physically revisit places we have been struggling in. And with Jesus and good friends …… experience a positive revisit. Ingvar

29 november 2009

Ward 10

Ingvar received a royal welcome by the staff at Ward 10 of Ram hospital this morning when he arrived for a minor operation. The memories of waking up at Ram Hospital after his MC accident in January are not so pleasant. This time he is here by his own free will and choosing. That makes a world of difference. He is already out of the theatre and all is well according to the nurse. He will be back to the ward in a couple of hours.
We are grateful to be under the protective wings of the Father.

27 november 2009

Wonderful mix of events in One day

We started the day to join the Dedication of CBN SIAM's new building. I honor their vision to making the Kingdom of God known in this nation and beyond, and their compassion for the lost and suffering.
Then I(Anna) had Indian lunch with ladies of 5 nationalities, that was almost heaven-like.
Ending the day with 25 hungry men and women, to know the Heavenly Daddy's love. My Indian Brother Mehrban was teaching with Daddy's heart and many responded with tears. One lady said; I have been a Christian for 16 years and never known God's love until today!!
Wow! Thank you Jesus for revealing the heart of Father to them. Love Anna

18 november 2009

The Meditation of my heart.....

When some of the watchmen of the city were gathered to watch, worship and pray, I(Anna) suddenly lost sight of Him; This is the meditation of my heart:

Suddenly He wasn't there

I could not see Him

I could not hear His voice

I could not find His footprints.

I retraced my steps.

Where did I loose Him?

My confession:

Where You go I'll go

What You say I'll say

What You do I'll do

What You pray I'll pray.

I failed.

''I sought Him, but did not find Him.''

''The watchmen who go about the city

found me; I said:

Have you seen the One I love?''

Yet for a moment,

the emptiness and

chills of my soul

made me hear His words on the cross:

''My God, my God,

Why have You forsaken me? ''

''When I found the One I love,

I held Him and would not let Him go.''

He is My Sun,

He is hot fiery Love!

'' I'm my Beloved's

and my Beloved is mine.''

SoS 3:2-4;SoS 6:3; Mt 27:46; Mal.4:2

11 november 2009

Look back, look forward, see today

Looking back. To again see the fall of the Berlin Wall is indeed touching. It speaks about a big historical happening, but also it gives us a strong challenge to pray and to work on today`s walls. Sadly we have them around us and between us. All kinds of them … built up. Some looks too high and too strong not possible to be break down. But again seeing the joy of the people of Berlin for 20 years ago, we must acknowledge that it is possible and worth laboring for.

Looking forward. The last 2 weeks we have been busy looking forward to Year 2010. What are the needs, Plan of Action and the Budget? Our dear friend and colleague Kjell, now living in Sweden, has been with us last week helping us to look forward. And, we have enjoyed having him here.
See today. If we want to be and want to do something for others, we need to see today’s present situation and to be right here ourselves. If we live in a fantasy world we will never see even a bamboo wall fall.

The need in Asia is great. We surely need God and each other to be able to help and bless the huge multitude of people of Asia. Ingvar

25 oktober 2009

The Weather

Typhoon Lupid headed towards Taiwan, but made the 23rd Oct a U-turn and we got just ordinary rain.
The weather and the climate change is a big matter these days. Different places have different weather, that is affecting us. This is also the matter within the spiritual climate. We can`t blame all on climate change and the weather, but ….. to learn to use the right cloth, even for the spiritual climate. For 2½ years ago a Mission Centre here in Taiwan was complete, but the permission to use it was refused 5 times. The leaders of the movement did not give up. They understood this was a spiritual matter. And …. last Monday the permission was given. The movement is exited and hopes to start using the building within 1-2 months. 2 congregations will use it, but Mission will be the focus.
Today we had the Mission Sunday 2009 and the massage came clear: “Do not Give Up”. A new climate is coming. The tyfon will make a U-turn. But even if it doesn`t …. we will put on the right cloth and continue to work …. under hard spiritual climate …. anyway. Ingvar

12 oktober 2009

Summarizing 18 days

To summarize 18 days in India, after meeting a lot of people in homes, churches, conferences, projects and in the communities ….. that is fantastic, but almost impossible? To make a SWOT analysis is helpful.

I am happy that the biggest components are: Strengths and Opportunities.

To summarize:
1. What I myself has done …. that I can do.
2. What others, my coworkers have done …. that is harder, but they are doing an excellent job.
3. What is the IMPACT and the transformation of the society and the Kingdom of God, due to our work … well that is more difficult. I trust someone else, more neutral person than me, has to do that.

These 18 days were full of training. I like to state: There is nothing more blessed on this earth than to commit to those: “…..who will be able to teach others also”. 2Tim2:2. Ingvar

1 oktober 2009

Going west and going east

I am now in Varanasi in India and Anna is back in Chiang Mai. We had some very good days together in Kolkata. Ingvar

26 september 2009

Training on 3 levels

We are now in Kolkata and doing very well. Training is going on:
a) learn ourselves,
b) learn to train others
c) learn to train others that can train others.

22 september 2009

Landa ....lågt

I natt landade vi i Kolkata, Indien. Inga problem fysiskt, men ändå att ”landa” och bli helt närvarande mentalt och andligt, är inte lätt. Vi har bott här i stan ett år (93-94) och många besök genom åren. Med hjälp av mobiler, Internet, kabel TV + + + kan vi hänga med allt som händer över hela världen. Men vågar vi landa helt, här och nu, mitt ner i fattigdom och just nu in i en Hindisk festival?
Jag sitter och tittar på människor som går på trottoaren och inser att de har en viktig berättelse, som jag behöver få del av. Deras vardag är en tuff verklighet. I kväll skall vi börja undervisa i ett seminarium där många kommer från olika samhällsklasser. Nu måste jag sluta för att kunna ”landa” i Kolkatas verklighet. Ingvar

18 september 2009

A special Guest!

Today's special surprise guest. A snail with its house, in a tiny plastic bag for my medicine. It didn't die of my medicine though. Love Anna

12 september 2009

"On the Ground"

To be in Chiang Mai and visit project around here is to be “On the Ground” as well, but still ….. visiting other countries and receive new challenges is encouraging. I enjoy visiting all kind of projects. One matter is that in South Asia the people easily shares good and bad. They can plan and work creatively on development. Within a few minutes the progress is on and all feel included.
Back in Chiang Mai the work can be too much office work. I hope to never forget, even in the office, the life out there and always have a good and healthy balance between office work and participation “on the Ground”. Ingvar

4 september 2009

In Karachi

To be back in Pakistan and work with ''ordinary'' people is nice. The embraces are many and the churches and the society feels....OK. Pakistan viewed from outside can seem threatening and dangerous, but when you're actually in here, you're touched by their love and they really take care of you. They also welcome you to participate in many different activities. I had to relearn the lesson again:
" That at a distance fear is growing, but in coming together, understanding and fellowship grows.''
To meet the authorities is....different. In their effort to prove to the world that they are fighting for peace, they treat all men as 'not-of-peace', until the opposite has been proven. (We are used to being treated as good, until the opposite is proven). But here, as when you're approved....the doors are opened. Yesterday we had a very good gathering with about 300 in a local church in Rawalpindi. Now I have 4 days in Karachi. Ingvar

3 september 2009

Is the heart of yours, still good....?

This morning I took a look at the bag I received yesterday from the Pharmacy at the hospital, with medicine and advice to cure my stomach. Is the heart of yours still good....? or should we say; What's the condition of your heart?

I thought, that question should be good to ask ourselves now and then.

The disciples of Jesus didn't understand the miracles of feeding the 5000 men with 5 bread and 2 fish, because the hearts were hardened. Paul wanted the Chorinthians to widen their hearts (it was tight in there). Hearts can be cold (loveless, no compassion etc) or they can be warm.

I was cleaning out my inbox in the computer(a good activity when I anyway have to be near a restroom at all times)and I came across an old article from an author who have written many good books. He writes the 2 most important things in the Christian life is, to seek to know Gods heart and to know our own hearts. As we seek Gods heart then we will also find our own.

I am in a season when I read with renewed hunger the gospels, with the desire to catch the heart of Jesus, his attitude and way of living and working among the needy and others. It is so easy to loose our heart, when life is rolling by. It also reminds me of Prov 4:23 Above all keep your heart with all diligence because out of it flows the issues of life. Love Anna

28 augusti 2009

Ingvar in India

This is my first international travel by myself after the MC accident. It's hard work to get everything ready before going, to say Bye Bye to Anna and to go, thinking of how to be able to meet all the needs.
But it's also a blessing to be involved in the projects On The Ground.

The 2nd Dec 1973 Anna and I came first time to Delhi and Delhi became our first place to stay and to work in Asia. Much has happened these years and I am encouraged and happy to be involved in training and in moving forward...... together with Indian brothers and sisters. They are excellent in serving God and people. Ingvar.

18 augusti 2009

How Great Thou Art

The Original Swedish lyrics, titled "O, Store Gud" and written 1886 were inspired by a visit to a beautiful country estate on the southeast coast of Sweden. Pastor Carl Boberg was suddenly caught in a midday thunderstorm with awe inspiring moments of flashing violence, followed by a clear brilliant sun. Soon afterwards he heard the calm sweet songs of the birds in nearby trees. The experience prompted the pastor to fall to his knees in humble adoration of his mighty God.

O Lord my God! When I in awesome wonder Consider all the worlds Thy hands have made. I see the stars, I hear the rolling thunder, Thy power through-out the universe displayed.

Then sings my soul, my Savior God, to Thee; How great Thou art, how great Thou art! Then sings my soul, My Savior God, to Thee: How great Thou art, how great Thou art!

When through the woods and forest glades I wander And hear the birds sing sweetly in the trees; When I look down from lofty mountain grandeur And hear the brook and feel the gentle breeze:

And when I think that God, His Son not sparing, Sent Him to die, I scarce can take it in; That on the cross, my burden gladly bearing, He bled and died to take away my sin:

When Christ shall come with shout of acclamation And take me home, what joy shall fill my heart! Then I shall bow in humble adoration, And there proclaim, my God. how great Thou art!

It`s amazing that a thunder 1885 had blessed millions of people all over the world. In poor village Churches in Asia and in rich cathedrals in the west – all alike. And last Saturday we also worshipped with great inspiration the same song here in Chiang Mai. One treaching is: Let`s be faithful in the small matters - may be many one day will be blessed. Ingvar

13 augusti 2009

Back to Work

After a blessed summer in Sweden it is good to be back in Asia - for Work. To be able TO WORK is a privilege and … I must say: I enjoy working. It is not a punishment for me.
Sometime it is hard to know how to assist and develop cooperation in difficult places. Many disasters come often in Asia and …. How to Help in the best way?
The good thing is that we have many promises that God himself will counsel us, give us wisdom, advise us and …. be with us. I surely need it all….. more and more. Ingvar

11 augusti 2009

Home Sweet Home

It's wonderful to be home again. To have something we call a home, whether it is a castle or a hut or something in between, rented or owned, is a fundamental need for mankind. Our kids would add: Home is where our parents are.

This summer we have had reversed roles, we have been in the homes of our children and they have certainly made us feel at home. Applause for them!!

It is as important to be at home in God, here and now. I am reminded about the Swedish well known song: "As when a child comes home in the evening, and is welcomed with a sweet embrace; such it was for me to come home in God and I felt, here is where I belonged.....''

We can also be at home in Daddy's house, but act as if we were guests or servants and not as sons. If we have had a difficult time relating to our parents, we might have decided in our hearts, we don't need them, then we become emotionally homeless or orphans, and we might take that feeling with us into our relationship with Father God too. A wall is then being built against them, which remains in our emotional life even when we are stepping into Father God's home too.

We become like the child who is fidgity and not relaxed at home in the embrace and therefore can not receive the warmth of the love expressed.

Anyway ...... It is good to be at home in Chiang Mai and in Fathers embrace. Hugs Anna

PS. I'm thinking of all those missionaries whop these days are trying to create new homes, or are coming back to a home far away or in Sweden. Father help them!!

8 augusti 2009

Good Take Off together

We are now preparing ourselves for returning to Asia. We have had a good 2 months visit to Sweden. After visiting 3 churches this weekend we will “take off” Monday morning.

We are feeling at home both in Sweden and in Asia. To leave friends and dear once is not easy, but still when “… our Shepherd and Oversee of our souls “ are with us, we are happy and safe in His good and perfect plan. Some believe:
a) Only here is good and safe. I can’t move.
b) Only here is chaos and difficulties. I can`t stay.

Thank God that you can lead us and together in your heavenly plan we can together be prepare for a Good “Take Off” together. Ingvar

27 juli 2009

Sent out - with security

Yesterday I visited a service in Götene. A couple was ordained to be sent into mission work in Asia. The Church was full and we were all encouraged. Their Calling, Capacity and Commitment were clear and we were all put on fire.

To move forward and out to others – it is truly lifting.
Today I went from Göteborg to Götabro to participate in a missionary conference. My prayer is that we will all (around 80 person) will be put on fire and go forward and out to others, even into uncertainties. Tonight I looked on the word ”Trygghets narmomani” ”Can be translated: Addicted to Safety”. It has been written a lot on that Swedish people are addicted to Safety and are afraid of going into whatever is uncertain.

Someone says: “To be able to experience safety you must have to be able to rest in the uncertainties”.

My experience is that: Yes that is right, but then I need Jesus and other people with me. Ingvar

17 juli 2009

Pater Noster (light and Prayer)

We are now 2 weeks at Klädesholmen, an island at the west coast of Sweden, north of Gothenburg. We have no house or flat in Sweden, but we feel very much at home here, staying with good friends and in our home Church, next to the sea.

To go out on the sea is wonderful. One day we visited the Lighthouse called: Pater Noster (= “Our Father”). It was placed here 1868, as the sea around is full of underwater rocky islets. In order for the seaman to make it throught these dangerous waters they needed: 1) the lighthouse and 2) to pray the Lord`s prayer “Our Father…..”.

The same day we also visited ELIDA, a mission ship having meetings along the west coast. Anna and I meet on Elida 1970 and we were also married on Elida 1972.

Life can be tough with hard storms, and with many dangerous underground islets, but ….. it`s so good to see the Light of the World and pray to ”My Father” for his presence with me in difficult times… and also in good days. Ingvar.

10 juli 2009

The Blessing of re-connecting

This summer we are re-connecting to many in Sweden. It`s truly refreshing and healing to meet up again with relatives and friends. We can do things together, but also - just be together. With many we experiance: Mission is lifting and people in all ages are being encouraged.

We have spent a week in Örebro with Tabitha and her family, Skåne with Mariam and her family, Gothenburg with Ruth and with Benjamin. We spent also 4 - 5 days in Dalsland with my 2 brothers and their families and with Anna`s 2 sisters with their families. Good.

The truth is that we need God more and more, but also we need each other more and more. It`s a blessing to re-connect. Ingvar

29 juni 2009

Genuine Christan life

To land in a country after 2 year, like we do now into Sweden, takes some time to adjust. New words and new ways of living have to be discovered. Both matters and persons have changed, but the basic needs are the same.

Yesterday morning I took the road towards Copenhagen. Before entering up on the long bridge to Denmark a signboard said: ”Last exit in Sweden”. I took that and found Hyllie Park Church in Malmö.

The subject for the service was: “To be genuine”. God spoke and we were all moved by the need to be real , to be honest and to be genuine as Christians in our daily words and deeds. We all need: Space for GRACE in this demanding society of today.
Space for MINISTRY where everyone's giftings and capacity is included.

In the evening we visited a church in Lund. There we also found a true genuineness. And .... that church is growing rapidly.

Christians and churches who are free from Show Business are attractive and growing. And…. I feel blessed. Ingvar

22 juni 2009

Midsummer week 2009

The last week, The midsummer week 2009 have been full of encouraging meetings with 100`s of people at the TORP Conference. We have received many hugs from people who have prayed for us. Good to meet many friends, church members and other missionaries.

Yesterday we joined our daughter Tabitha to her church, celebration our dear friend KG (92 years old) & Greta and visited Kjell & Birgitta to their new house. Pastor Sidney from Thailand was also there. He is a man of God and free from show business. He is genuine right through.
A comments I received was: ”You are unbelievable healthy. You must have received an overdose of prayer”. I am eternally thankful for every prayer, but most of all, I am very happy that prayer opened up the heart and we feel a greater friendship. Many friends, many prayers, is a blessing in life. Ingvar

13 juni 2009

In Sweden

We are now in Sweden connecting to friends and Churches. Good to meet and share what God has done and what he is doing.

Today I visited Ed, the place where I was born and brought up. So wonderful to again be there and think about all the blessings happed there. Even if I would like to meet everyone and re-experience all the good things, I realize that it might be best:
• to be thankful for the past,
• live in the presence and
• have hope for the future.

To be able to do that – we need God`s help. We have also been able to borrow a car, from ED. God is Good. Ingvar

5 juni 2009

Times of Moving

Things are moving. During times of world crises many are seeking help and strength from others and even more - from God.

People are moving. This time of the year many are moving to their home countries or to Asia. I am in touch with some families that are moving the coming weeks. To move from meaningful och homely involvements – is not easy. Some experience this to be serious live crises. But in midst if this all, there are 3 steps: In trouble it helps me to ask:“Why do I have to go thought this time of testing?” The best answer for me is: “I will come out stronger”. Sometime we need to fight to survive so we can come back to normal, but the aim is: I will come through stronger!

We will now move – for 2 month. It is now settled that this our present term in Asia will be extended one more year. We are positive to go to Sweden the 10th June and return to Chiang Mai the 11:th August for one more year. Ingvar

26 maj 2009

God's Pefume

I just came back from the nightly walk with Lukas, around a housing area full of blooming bushes. Gardenia, Jasmine, Queen of the Night and others I do not know their names, fills the air with a wonderful fragrance. My thoughts goes to the truth, that God, through Jesus who lives in us, spreads the fragrance, the perfume of the knowledge of the Creator in every place.(My parafrased version of 2 Cor 2:14 ).
Every morning when Ingvar comes down from his shower and shave and a splash of aftershave, before he turns out through the door, he passes and gives me a 'bye-now-darling'- kiss. The fragrance of his aftershave lingers in the air and on my lips even when he is gone.
God doesn't have an aftershave, but a fragrance that lingers in the air around us when we have been kissed by him or have fellowship with him. We are also like a garden full of fragrant herbs. It is as if some of them are slumbering and needs a wind of heaven to release, so that others around us will be able to enjoy them.
Come O Wind of Heaven and blow on my garden, so that the fragrant herbs you planted in me can give life and pleasure to those around me.
Love Anna 

21 maj 2009

On move in the cities

Anna and I had 5 very good days in south Thailand. Good to meet others serving God and people in churches and in projects. There is a clear and genuine move and desire these days to move forward as an active and natural part of the communities. Also…. in the bigger cities. Daniel and his wife have an move in the city of Bangkok that is an inspiration for us all.
One matter of joy for us is to come back to a place where others have labored and now find many worshiping there. And …. they are truly thankful that the gospel came to them. To establish living local churches give genuine friends for life and eternity. But still many are searching for the living God. Ingvar

8 maj 2009

Guest of Honor

This morning when I was taking Lukas on his(actually my)morning walk, as usual he finds "the table prepared for him in front of his enemies", that is the dogs of the neighborhood, and a hand full of delicious bones.... just for him!
As I walked on, I found myself meditating on the verse in Psalm 23 where it says "You prepared my table in front of my enemies" and found in this translation it continues" You welcomed me as an honored guest.....". Jesus invites me as an honored guest, because in older translations it has "You anoint my head with oil, which was an old custom".
Jesus Himself invites me into His presence, to His table as an honored guest. I have kind of thought the opposite only: I invite Him as the Guest of Honor in my home.
My heart is excited and in awe. I am His guest of honor. And so are you!!

6 maj 2009

100 days Old

I was 100 days old, day before yesterday. And …. Life is wonderful. Of cause not all circumstances are wounderful. They can be terrible. We work with many people in Asia who experience hell-on-earth and struggle to survive. To help them, is not a simple quick fix.
Anna gave me last night a notebook to read that she, Ruth and Barbro wrote in, sitting at my side at ICU in January. They did not treat me with “a quick fix” attetude. Several critical matters they wrote about, were new for me. Woow, they all worked very hard for me! I realize more and more as 100 days old:
“I need both God and people”. And "Others need both God and ….. (may be) me”.
I don’t glorify suffering, but I am thankful that if we are tested, we can grow. Not because we are strong, but because both God and people are with us.
If I am 59 years old or 100 days old, Life is wonderful. I have a aim:
To Start Well – To Run Well – To Close Well. This can only be possible if I have God and others with my side. Ingvar

25 april 2009

Do not give up!

For Anna, myself and 100s of Millions of Asians the motorcycle is a practical and cheap way of travelling.
Do you know what? For 2 days ago it was time again, after 89 days, for me to sit up on our Honda Dream 100cc. Surely I drove carefully, bought a new good helmet and kept good space to other vehicles. Someone could, like on the 24th January, change traffic lane all of a sudden. Good to have more margins, in the traffic.
It was not easy to sit up on the bike again. It has given my much pain, but my decision was well thought over and ……. I had the blessing of Anna. There is something (or better to say someone) inside me saying: Do not give up, due to difficulties”. Since many years I have had an inner vow: “Problems are not going to be my Lord”.
But I can`t be foolish. I want to use these last 90 days of learning experience.
Often we might first think, when we have obstacles ahead of us: “Better to give up!” But after sometime we realize:”Better to conquer this mountain”.
It’s good to hear these words again and again: “Do not give up! There is a way forward”. Thank you Jesus that you are a much better Lord - than the problems. Ingvar

20 april 2009

Happy Birthday...

In Sweden we have a song to celebrate someone's birthday, with words like this: "Yeah, may he live long(repeat xxx), Yeah may he live a hundred years". Today when Ingvar according to family customs, was woken up at dawn with birthday-song and cake, something was different. When life came to a sudden halt in January, the life we before took for granted was not as certain any longer. So today we celebrate life and grace with tears of joy and gratefulness.

18 april 2009

Many genuine friends......

The previous Captain Lennart Abrahamsson of the ship Elida used to say: “You can see much further, when you are on your knees”. Over the years I have experience this being true. When I am praying, I can see people far away, outside my own narrow box. And the people there are not dangerous. They are waiting for me.

These days I am meeting people, every day, that tells me: “I have been praying for you”. “I am so happy you can now walk without crutches”. They give me a hug, I thank them and we feel like we have been close friends for ages. It is true: "You have many friends, when you have been on your knees".

Simple genuine prayers from the heart…... in midst of the ordinary dayof life, wow…wow…. it works miracles and creates close genuine friendships. Ingvar

15 april 2009

Unrest in Bangkok ended.

We are happy that the unrest the last days in Bangkok and a few other places, now has ended. Our hope and prayer is that the different rival groups will meet, reconcile and work together for the development of Thailand, without violence and fighting. Ingvar

11 april 2009

Easter - the meeting point of good and evil.

We can see good and bad, joy and sadness, plus and minus, catastrophes and wonderful beautiful – coming very close to each other. Life can be like seeing and TV channel showing catastrophic pictures from Italy and next channel showing beautiful pictures from Gods wonderful nature.
We can ask ourselves: ”How to survive with all the evil and all the good so close?”
My MC accident was for me: maximum evil. But still I have experience: maximum goodness.
Easter, is maximum evil (on Good Friday) and maximum goodness (On Easter Sunday). And the good had victory. Easter and the resurrection of Jesus is helping me to be able to face the evil along my way of Life. We rejoice in the work we do to see that the good is stronger than the bad. There is hope ….. for anybody anywhere, because Jesus is has power over the evil. What a wonderful Easter message we have.
We wish you a meaningful EASTER 2009.
Greetings Ingvar

9 april 2009

40 and Speedy healing.

Many have been praying that Ingvar will have a speedy healing. I have to confess that I, in the beginning, wanted to slow down some of “the Speedy healing prayers”. I knew that Ingvar was very tired before the accident, the workload was big and the laughter & song had become less frequent. When the 40 days had passed the songs was flowing again. Ingvar had come through his 40 days in the wilderness (the bed), fasting from free movement, from working, from driving and from doing everything, almost. But after 40 days the batteries were recharged and with all “speedy prayers” – Ingvar progress is now a daily joy and thanksgiving.
This with 40 in the Bible comes back many times and speaks about recovering, purified and receiving spiritual power. May be we have lost, along the way, the good 40 days concept of recovery, prayer and fasting. May be there is much more power in there then we realize? Greetings Anna

3 april 2009

Help....how can I walk without crutches?

“Now you can walk without crutches” said the orthopedic doctor to me after looking at the new x-ray, day before yesterday. Anna and I were very happy to see that the fractures were almost healed. But: “Help, how can I walk without crutches?”
The orthopedic Dr gave me some good advice: “First you walk with 2 legs and with both crutches. After that walk with one crutch and within 2 weeks you walk without”.
Today I have revisited the neurosurgeon, who operated on me. He was also very happy for the good result. He was moved when I stated that: “God and you had saved my life”.
Now is the question: “Do I dare to walk without crutches after it has provided support for me for 25 days?” I feel stupid, that I don’t just: throw the crutches away immediately and run as the man in Acts 3:8. But all Gods healings are unique and I have received many unique healings these 10 weeks. I will soon walk without crutches!
But the main question is: “Do I have other "crutches" in life, which I lean on even when Jesus says to me: “You are now healed and strong. Walk!” That question is important to ask the whole life. Ingvar”