31 januari 2016

Isaiah 55 This is His prescription 1

During about 30 years of ministry to leaders and leaders to be, and missionaries, I have met the whole range of
-those who have no energy left.
-those whose love have grown cold
-those who depleted their seeds to sow and bread to share to the eaters
-those that are on the brink of breakdown, hitting the wall
-or whose oil is almost finished(burn out)
-those that feel the water in their well is running dry, and the sound has an eerie echo in the depths of their empty  well
-those who feel they are suffocating, like in the hold of the python, squeezing life out of them

I can identify with  several of the above examples through years of working with people both in my medical profession as well as in the work  in different foreign nations serving God and man.

 I listened to someone who told me the other day: I am at the bottom of the well, I am ready to come up if just someone would throw the rope down to me. Today she told me He came down and lifted me up the moment I decided to arise and obey what he told me to do and quit feeling sorry for myself.
I believe many of us working like us, have been close to pack our bags and leave, seemingly impossible situations. But we hung in there and refused to give up.

There have been times when I’ve kind of heard  the words formed in my head:  Why don’t you just go home. What’s the use of fighting the battle why don’t you just give up. If I had given in to those tempting words I would have been home being a normal Swede a long time ago.

In hind sight, there is only one thing that encourages me: I must be doing something which threatens the enemy something which annoys him. So let’s keep on threatening him. God is on my side.

What is the road to recovery when we are entangled in the enemy’s lies or discouraged and hope is ceasing. Many years ago I heard these words when I was reading Isaiah 55: ‘’This is my prescription!’’      ( to the condition above).
I enjoyed digging into this chapter which starts with an exclamation, like a shout from the Lord: ‘’Hello there, you who are thirsty!!'' Can I please have your attention. ''Come to the waters.’’
 And the following paradox : ‘’ You who have no money(no purshasing power); Come, buy and eat. Yes, come buy wine and milk. Without money and without price.’’
First He is calling us to come to Him. He is and has the Living water, the only thing that can truly quench our thirst.
Position yourself in His Presence- Come to ME. Just open your hungry mouth and he will feed you like a baby bird in the nest and the mother bird will just drop in the goodies into your mouth.
For some of us we might be so malnourished that we need to receive diluted  milk to start with, truths that are easy to digest.  Before the marrow and fat, the rich foods which takes more  energy to digest.
(I am a pediatric nurse by profession and when we were treating very malnourished babies  who had been starving for some time in Bangladesh we had to start with diluted milk, for their little bodies to be able to receive.)
Well that was only the 1st verse of Isaiah 55. I will be sharing more what he taught me on recovery from this chapter. If you want to follow check in with us soon on our blog.
With Love

13 januari 2016


This morning as I was mopping the floor(in other words something very sprirtual :-)  ) out of the depths of my soul came the shortest of prayers the kind that cannot be stopped it just breaks forth: ''Father !!''  
And immediately the answer came and with such power it knocked the breath out of me.: ''Yes my darling''.  I doubled over in laughter which changed into a  joyful giggle when the soul landed in the truth that:'' He is there so immediately close and just waited for my mini prayer''Father !!''    to become a sign that I count on Him. And He is waiting to be involved in my life.
We can call this 'Father,turn Your countenance on me' or 'Facetime' !

9 januari 2016

Revive Asia in BKK ..... and in Ubon-Pakse!

When we work in a pioneer area with very few Christians (0.2% including Catholics) it is wonderful to right now 3 days enjoy the fellowship, the worship and the Word of God. God's presence is so strong, God's word is so "fresh" and worship so refreshing.

                                            Also we meet many good friends.
But ..... number 1 is not to have a wonderful time at a conference in Bangkok. No, Number 1 is to see this continue out there ... . also to Ubon-Pakse. Ingvar

6 januari 2016

..... will meet again!

Sometimes we meet people and work with them, realizing that we might never meet them again. But it is important that we still dare to invest in them. To give the best. A pastor receives new people with open heart. As if they will stay in his Church until they die.

Sometimes we know from the beginning that we will meet them again and again in different ways. Or their  friends.

April 2014 Samuel and Pure came
January 2016. Today they came also with their son Joshua. Happy to meet them.

Samuel comes from CHC in Taiwan. His parents are coming here every year with a mission team. Pure was born and raised in Kantaralak 70 km from here.
Samuel and Pure met in Linköping. Married and he is now working on his doctorate in Switzerland. Their son Joshua was born in Switzerland.

Pray that we can convey a heavenly blessing to everyone we meet. Ingvar

4 januari 2016

Only Good Touch

During 2015 Rose, Jom and others in CSC have been using 2 dolls to teach over 1.000 children in Ubon-Pakse about what is Good Touch & Bad Touch.
Last night Grace (3.400 gr) was born at 21:08.

Today I visited them in the hospital and I saw Jom and Rose very carefully practiced Good Touch. May all children in Ubon-Pakse like Grace always experience Good Touch.

Jom and Rose are very happy parents, but tired.

  Today Arjan Vilowan, Sainam and Fern were here at the Center for a while and ...... I am very happy to see National Pioneer workers like them go out to new places with the Gospel and establish new churches.