30 november 2014

Anna: Can you find for me a church with the warmth and love for the broken?

Someone called me and asked this question yesterday. The question penetrated my soul. And it reverberated against the walls of my heart until it breaks me.Someone had a comment the other week saying: You are so (read TOO) embracing.
Were is the church that is so welcoming that it is OK to come in imperfect. To be embrace by Fathers love and in the safety of that love let the guards down. Becoming true and honest. Offering a place, where it is OK to need a place of confessing our sins and receiving forgiveness. Where encouragement and hope is shared and voiced stronger than all the condemnation. Where is the church with love and warmth, for the ones freezing out there in the selfishness and cold heartedness of our times.
Does the question break your heart as it does mine? Shall we do something about it?

27 november 2014

Visits and visiting.

We are doing well and ..... have a open doors for others. Many people are coming and visit us these days.
Vi have some visitors that do not want to show their faces. But also ... the shoes outside tells us something. May God bless these people specially.
Thank you Kjell B. for coming and also helping us... down here on the more day-to-day and basic level.

Ther following statistics is .... very challanging.


Pray for Thailand needing the Gospel most of these 10 ASEAN countries.
We have also many open doors and visiting others .... out there. I am am trying on Daily basis to visit leaders/pastors/.....ordanary people. Many are working hard.... out there and are happy to be prayed for and blessed. Ingvar

11 november 2014

A good beginning

Last night we had to turn away  some who came to join the programme without registering first. We are already maximizing our capacity. An awesome response and an evidence and a sign to us that there is such a hunger for righteousness in Ubon. I am so very grateful to the Lord.  We are here at the right time.
Continue to pray for the participants that their hunger for God will keep them on this road to knowthe truth and wisdom in the deepest parts of their hearts. PS 51. That the hopeless will know hope, and shame will be washed from faces, that their will be a new song in their hearts and a testimony of God's greatness.

Pray for Sue, Jenny and me including our families, as we serve.

Starting Healing Group today.

In one hour (6pm Thai time) we(Sue my old friend in ministry and I ) are starting our first Introductory Inner Healing Group. We are starting with 15 people. We had to turn away some. But we are excited and expecting Father's love to go deep today in the hearts of those who are hungry and needing true unconditional love.
Thanks for praying.