22 juni 2013

We investigate our homecity to be.

We are in Ubon looking for a place to live and are trying to get some understanding of what is going on in the province. Meeting with various people both national and international. We arrived Thursday morning and as we had booked in at a small hotel near the AOG Church so we decided to drop in and say hi to the pastor. The husband immediately suggested a house on the same street which was for rent and helped contacting the owner. She called us back the same afternoon making an appointment for us to see the house the next day.

We rented a MC and took a ride around the city to get some orientation.

Through a new friend in Chiang Mai we had a contact(her family) in the city and they wanted us to meet in the afternoon for a meal together and they had a small and beautiful place they wanted us to see, just by the River Moon. It’s good to meet the local people, spend time and hear their stories. What is going on in their lives and what are their concerns.

A neighbor dropped in and he was tragically drunk, we were told he was demoted from a high position in a provincial department and was now on the lowest level of position within his department. Alcohol was not the root problem, but most probably a way to cover his shame of loosing face. Poor man, I pray he will find the One who took our shame.

Alcohol though is a huge problem in Isaan.

On Friday we spent most of the day with 3 friends travelling the city finding the churches and organisations and praying for and blessing them as we were travelling past. We had a thousand questions to ask our 3 friends and they had some for us. A very profitable time.

At 5pm we went to see the little house and meet the landlady. The house is a bit small but location is perfect. A place where we can be reached easily, is important to us. On Wednesday we will give the landlord our yes or no.

Thanks for praying for us. God is good. And I am sure we will be able to make a new home also in this city.

Love Anna

19 juni 2013

From Juniper Tree to Ubon

We have had 3 good days at the Juniper Tree Pranburi with Covenant Foundation. Christian, Lisette, Anna and I (+20 others) had good days at the Covenant Annual Meeting. Interesting to see how CF is growing. 1987 Kjell B. and Dr. Krassanai were the founders of Covenant Foundation.

Tomorrow we will travel to Ubon. We are there 4 days and prepare for the future. Including looking for a flat/house to stay in. I love:

  • to Dream,
  • to Plan
  • and to See it realized.
But this task/mission is big so it is 100% clear that it is not possible without your prayers. Ingvar

13 juni 2013

The general Call and the specific Call

I have been meditating on the call of God, as I was running between the washing machine and the packing boxes. Surprisingly there arrived an article as well on Elijah List talking about > When the Lion roars His Call is nor tame. I know there are a general calling of God for all His children. To follow Jesus, to love Him with all our hearts all our strength …. And to love our neighbor as ourselves. This call is unavoidable and important.

Then there is the specific calling: you know that you know….kind of thing from the time we were born or even before birth. The assignment God has on our life might be to a specific place, nation, people group, or a particular task or office. For some of us we carry it in our heart like a baby or gift or talent and we treasure it and move or run to the place where it will be invested and or deliver it.

I see a trend in missions that the assignments are so professionalized that we don't have the interest, or sensitivity or patience with those who carry a specific call. And we might lose them. And some of them have to go and pursue it by them self. Becoming vulnerable and at risk as they lack the opportunity to have a social structure or the belonging to a network where they can be accountable, loved and encouraged.

I know there is more to this but something to trigger our thoughts and prayers for those at risk.

Love Anna

8 juni 2013

To be walking alongside....

To be walking alongside...

Sometimes we walk alongside someone for 10 years or more, sometime it is a week or just some hours listening to someone’s story. But being available walking with them, comforting, praying, crying or laughing with them is what we are supposed to do if we are friends and part of the community.

Today one of my friends found some ugly physical evidence of witchcraft in her home. Someone with a very sick mind was trying to force something to happen, using dark spiritual power. After destroying the cursed objects and praying to break the curse and harm they were meant to do, she recovered quickly from the symptoms of headaches, vomiting and confusion.

For days before this breakthrough I found myself sighing ‘’Father, oh Father HELP!!’’ almost all the time, and I was thinking: if ever Father will be bored with my sighing, it is now.

We walk alongside by, encouraging, praying, sighing, loving and cheering people on. We are not walking down here on this earth for ourselves but together and to make a difference together and for the Kingdom of God.

Love Anna

5 juni 2013

God Bless Sweden today!!!

It is easy to be a Swedish overseas. Also to work with others abroad. Even if we are not living in Sweden we are proud and grateful to be Swedes and do everything we can to be ambassadors for Sweden and for the Kingdom of God.

Thanks Swedish Christopher A. for the picture.

Many of you, not born in Sweden, are more ambassadors for Sweden than us born in Sweden.
God bless Sweden and all Swedes ...... no matter where we are born. Ingvar