29 december 2010

Who decides the value of man

At times we believe that our value systems in life are already formed and ready. Many of them are formed in our upbringing from our families and our surrounding circumstances. Life is also like a school and our value systems are being tested. When we believe that they are unshakeable, we find ourselves in situations when we loose our footholds and are searching for the solid foundation of our belief systems.

Who am I to question a husbands abundance of love to his unconscious wife, week after week, month after month. Who am I to judge the hopeless or someone not being worthy to be wasted energy on. If I set myself above life, then I set myself in a position which do not belong to me but to God.

Back to the solid rock foundation: That God so loved the world that He sent His own Son Jesus, so that whoever believes in Him will not be lost by have eternal life. God loves and seeks out the lost. God loves the hopeless and those who think they are worthless. For Him every individual is invaluably precious, whether born or unborn, unconscious or dying, healthy or sick, weak or strong, working or retired.

On the shelf it says: ‘’ Fixed Price’’ (unbargainable). On the pricetag: ‘’Invaluable Price’’. And on the stamp right across our lives says ‘’ Bought & Paid in full!’’ by the Blood of the Son of God. Here is no Half Price! and No Sale!

Yes!! This is GOOD!! Love Anna

24 december 2010

Blessed Christmas

From sunny, cold and snowy Bleket

Wish you
a Meaningful
Christmas 2010
a Blessed Year 2011

We are now in Sweden, and … we find it helpful and “healthy” to be connected and active in Sweden this year.

It is cold in Sweden these days. The subject Light has challenged us the last weeks. We all need physical light, mental light and spiritual light.

”In Him was life and the life was the light of man.”
”And the light shines in darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it”.

Have a warm Jesus-Christmas

Ingvar & Anna