30 november 2009

Positive revists

The 24th January this year I came unconscious to this hospital in an ambulance and was 3 days fighting for my life. I had 4 days in ICU and recovered for 36 days in the room next to this one. I was totally 40 days in this hospital.

Yesterday morning I came here driving the car by myself, walked in and was fully awake during a 45 minutes hernia operation. Today after 24 hours, I will be discharged and come home.

It is good to make positive revisits to places, even operation theaters and ICUs, where we have had bad experiences. Last time my 4 days experience at ICU was …. terrible. This time I had a good talk, even during the operation, with the anesthesia doctor and the surgeon himself. And the 3 hours in the recovery room was a good experience, while the ability to sense returned from waste down.

In prayercounseling we are sometimes encouraged that in prayer together with Jesus ”revisit” dark memories and together with Jesus (Immanuel, God with us) realize that he was there, even if we were not aware of his presence and work.

It is also positive to physically revisit places we have been struggling in. And with Jesus and good friends …… experience a positive revisit. Ingvar

29 november 2009

Ward 10

Ingvar received a royal welcome by the staff at Ward 10 of Ram hospital this morning when he arrived for a minor operation. The memories of waking up at Ram Hospital after his MC accident in January are not so pleasant. This time he is here by his own free will and choosing. That makes a world of difference. He is already out of the theatre and all is well according to the nurse. He will be back to the ward in a couple of hours.
We are grateful to be under the protective wings of the Father.

27 november 2009

Wonderful mix of events in One day

We started the day to join the Dedication of CBN SIAM's new building. I honor their vision to making the Kingdom of God known in this nation and beyond, and their compassion for the lost and suffering.
Then I(Anna) had Indian lunch with ladies of 5 nationalities, that was almost heaven-like.
Ending the day with 25 hungry men and women, to know the Heavenly Daddy's love. My Indian Brother Mehrban was teaching with Daddy's heart and many responded with tears. One lady said; I have been a Christian for 16 years and never known God's love until today!!
Wow! Thank you Jesus for revealing the heart of Father to them. Love Anna

18 november 2009

The Meditation of my heart.....

When some of the watchmen of the city were gathered to watch, worship and pray, I(Anna) suddenly lost sight of Him; This is the meditation of my heart:

Suddenly He wasn't there

I could not see Him

I could not hear His voice

I could not find His footprints.

I retraced my steps.

Where did I loose Him?

My confession:

Where You go I'll go

What You say I'll say

What You do I'll do

What You pray I'll pray.

I failed.

''I sought Him, but did not find Him.''

''The watchmen who go about the city

found me; I said:

Have you seen the One I love?''

Yet for a moment,

the emptiness and

chills of my soul

made me hear His words on the cross:

''My God, my God,

Why have You forsaken me? ''

''When I found the One I love,

I held Him and would not let Him go.''

He is My Sun,

He is hot fiery Love!

'' I'm my Beloved's

and my Beloved is mine.''

SoS 3:2-4;SoS 6:3; Mt 27:46; Mal.4:2

11 november 2009

Look back, look forward, see today

Looking back. To again see the fall of the Berlin Wall is indeed touching. It speaks about a big historical happening, but also it gives us a strong challenge to pray and to work on today`s walls. Sadly we have them around us and between us. All kinds of them … built up. Some looks too high and too strong not possible to be break down. But again seeing the joy of the people of Berlin for 20 years ago, we must acknowledge that it is possible and worth laboring for.

Looking forward. The last 2 weeks we have been busy looking forward to Year 2010. What are the needs, Plan of Action and the Budget? Our dear friend and colleague Kjell, now living in Sweden, has been with us last week helping us to look forward. And, we have enjoyed having him here.
See today. If we want to be and want to do something for others, we need to see today’s present situation and to be right here ourselves. If we live in a fantasy world we will never see even a bamboo wall fall.

The need in Asia is great. We surely need God and each other to be able to help and bless the huge multitude of people of Asia. Ingvar