24 november 2013

Harvest time in Thailand

Yesterday evening when I read my friends' posting on Facebook of over 1200 who came to Christ in the first "Abundant Life Festival"- evening with Franklin Graham and 1300 next evening, in Chiang Mai,  I sat here in UBON and tears flowed, of joy. I thought of the word of Jesus where He says in John 4:37-38 ....... Ones sows and another reaps. I sent you to reap where you have not sown. Others have sown and you have entered into their work." Many have plowed, fasted, prayed, and others will harvest.
I have had a recurring dream, that has to do with preparation for a feast, but when the feast starts we are taken to a different location, to new tasks. I was reminded of this dream yesterday. It felt as if the Holy Spirit wanted to say: this was in God's plan. Rejoice now with us in heaven over a single (many) sinners who have come home. We are so happy. Tonight is the last campaign evening in CM but I would ask the Lord that the feast of harvesting will continue.

Today we visited a small church in the suburbs of Ubon. Encouraging and praying for those who are discouraged in their labor. The fields are ripe. We call on the harvestors.
Love Anna   

18 november 2013

First Tree of Life Seminar in Ubon

Youth & Children was our focus at TOL’s initial meeting with Church & youth leaders in and around Ubon Ratchathani.  

It was so sovereignly led by the Holy Spirit. The request from leaders in Ubon, the timing and the desperate cry of some leaders who were facing tragic circumstances among their youths. I met Ajarn Ooy in CM and she happens to be on her way through Ubon. If you look at the map, you’ll understand the miracle, not many would pass through Ubon from the North.
I am amazed at the response. I had only 1 week on hand to announce and plan. Our divine reconnecting with Kookai here in Ubon, a small but brilliant young lady is really Gods provision at this time. We use to know each other many years back in Chiang Mai, and had lost contact. I told her of my plan, and she did all the contacting and dealing with place and refreshments, printing of material, she took care of every little detail.

My part was to be prepared, taking care of our key speaker, my spiritual daughter from Chiang Mai (so that was easy), pray and pray……And thanks to my friends who prayed and interceded, and Ingvar who has so much wisdom to share and is the backup encourager at all times.
About 45 leaders from 10 different churches came. And Ajarn Ooy did so well, she was able to communicate the heart of the Father and challenge the leaders. It has opened doors for involvement with several churches. It was a good opportunity to present what TOL is and how we can facilitate, train or connect to resources.

I am overwhelmed by God’s goodness, the favor of God and the favor of man.
Love Anna

16 november 2013

Follow Jesus into new areas........exiting.

Following Jesus into new areas ...... it's exciting. After 40 years in missions, you would think that we should be able to do the work, but constantly we are being reminded that the Jesus life is no “copy machine”. Time and again we see God's hand, sometimes only His finger showing that God is at work. Doing new things. Anna wrote on FB for a couple of days ago:

I am amazed at the openness here in Ubon. Today when searching for a venue for a Tree of Life seminar in Ubon, the restaurant & conference room owner immediately started to ask of where she can go to church? Lord we want more harvesters, the fields are so very ripe.

Yes, we sat there just seeing God speaking to her and call her into His kingdom.

I will not go into any theological presentation, but I wish with all my heart that the following three will work in 100% harmony.
  • Believe in God
  • Believe in The Kingdom of God
  • Believe in The Local Church
I wish and work for that there should be no barriers between these three areas of belief , so that all who seek God truly feel 100% at home in the local churches.

Today I am in Laos to pick up my new visa tomorrow. Anna is in Ubon and had a good first Tree of Life meeting in Ubon.
The interest is so great that they have limited the number of participants.

God ... what will you do today? I want to follow you and praise you for all you do without me and through me. Ingvar

11 november 2013

Mercy & Compassion- a sign

I just had a phonecall from Pat she is one of my friends and is working in our TOL office in CM.
She had stopped her motorcycle beside a homeless man, lying on the footpath between the Christian Hospital and the Theological Faculty. She felt the Lord wanted her to stop and check on this old man.
In all his dirt and poverty she saw something beautiful in this old man. She bought him some bread and water and he smiled at her as she handed it to him.
Today she went to check on him again and she believes he is dying. In the meantime she visited several churches to try to awaken their mercy or compassion but the response was either, we are busy praying or  this is this mans life and  destiny, why should we care.
She has called several friends, and she has been to 2 policestations to ask them help the man, NOBODY CARES.
I live 940 km away. I can feel her burning passion as she is allowed to feel what Father feels.
And maybe her passion has an ounce of frustration and anger in it too over where the Church of today is at. And I think of the word in Luke 6:35-36 which I understand as follows: Mercy & Compassion is the sign that we are Children of the Father.
I have been in Pat's shoes. Once I turned a church board meeting upside down because of my passion for the poor and vulnerable, the alcohol and drug addicts and the young who were at risk. While the church had other priorities.

My own anger might not have been so good, but I believed then that it was right and clean. And at that time I didn't care what people thought of me. 
I said to Pat today. I know what it is to know the Fathers heart, and also how to feel totally inadequat or helpless. But as long as you do that which Father asks of you in the situation, then others has to answer to God what they have not done.
Mercy and compassion is absolute necessary for  the survival of our hearts.
Without it we will die of spiritual cardiosclerosis.   

2 november 2013

In Chiang Mai a few days.

Oh really... long time no see you on this blog.

We are happy, well and into a lot of work. The first month in Ubon has been full of open doors and .... we see the Lords guidance. The people in the community and in the few churches there are welcoming us with open arms.

Now we are in Chiang Mai a few days. Today is a Appreciation Dinner/Service in Tree of Life for all who has been serving.  Also that the ministry in Chiang Mai will continue, in the local churches.

Next week we are 4 days in Bangkok. Life serving God and people is .... very exiting. Ingvar