20 februari 2015

Welcome to Pakse

Last Thursday the Chiang Mai registered Thaicar with its Swedish driver was welcomed into Laos. I am in Pakse Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon.

Happy to be here and .... I feel 100% welcomed. Ingvar


12 februari 2015

Grandmother with Maja.

The day after the Celebration Together Anna went to Sweden. She is now 2 weeks in Hällingsjö outside Guthenburg to be the grandmother for the newborn Maja.
I miss my dear wife. Her chair stands empty,
but we solve many things through Skype. And I am overjoyed that she can help Ruth and Niklas a few days.

I have to wait 3-4 months before I can give Maja (also Emeily and Alfred) the grandfather hug. Ruth, I also have many “father hugs” for you and Niklas, I have many “son-in-law hugs” for you. Ingvar

10 februari 2015

Very Good Weekend.

We have had three very blessed days with Celebration Together in U-Park.

In the evenings we had very good music, worship, testimonies, clear dramas and encouraging fellowship. Several of us went around talking to people and prayed for them. Totally more than 500 people came (some for a short time) + all who stood/sat on a distance or walked by. See pictures below.

Saturday morning we had a good Project Board meeting for Ruamchai4Ubon.     
The whole weekend was very encouraging. And we feel like we've taken some big step forward in the Kingdom of God in Ubon. Some pictures:

Thank you for your participation and prayers for this.

Anna is now 2 weeks in Sweden to be with our daughter Ruth and her family. We have a new grandchild Maja and Ruth had some hard first 2 weeks with difficulties to sleep. Now she is getting better. Ingvar