19 oktober 2013


Now it is in place again. The tree pictures the different seasons. Spring with new leaves and fresh flowers, summer with full grown leaves on the branches, autumn wih fruit and falling leaves, winter with bare branches and snowflakes falling. For almost 35 years Ingvar and I have had this wall hanging printed on a cotton background over the head of our bed.
Many times I have meditated on the seasons it symbolizes. There has been times when I recented the bare cold seasons. And I remember how I've prayed for God to allow me not to have those seasons :-) he did not answer that prayer though. Now the tree is in place again in our new home in Ubon. And we ask Him for a harvest time for this nation.

13 oktober 2013

Our 2 first weeks in Ubon

We are doing very well in Ubon. The house we moved into the 1st Oct is a small, very good house for us two. Near to everything. We feel we are position in the center.

The people we meet are welcoming us warmly.  Christians are not many and the Christian ministers are …. too few for the work. Therefore the work is too much for each of them.
We pray that it will be:
a) More serving the living God. Both laymen and clergy. We meet people who as a calling.
b) More delegations to others.
c)  More Life…. into the structures.

May God bless Ubon with a new Life …. in individuals, in the families, in the Churches/organizations and in the communities. Ingvar 

1 oktober 2013

THANK YOU ....God`s People of Chiang Mai

We came to Chiang Mai June 1991 and yesterday morning (after 22 years plus) we left by car for UBON Ratchathani. We look back on a very good and wonderful 22 years chapter working in and out of Chiang Mai together with you.

Thank you all wonderful friends and coworkers in many churches, in many organizations and in the community in Chiang Mai for everything. You have been a great blessing for us.
These are not empty words. We really mean it from our whole heart.

Now a new chapter starts, but we have not forgotten the Chiang Mai one. You are written on our hearts.
We hope to keep in touch also in:

                                         (=  Joining our hearts together for Ubon.)

Be blessed from heaven…. in Chiang Mai
Ingvar & Anna