28 augusti 2015

2 Karens to Isaan

We (and many) are praying and believing that many Karen (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_people) will take the "fire" from Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Mea Hong Song to Isaan.

Wednesday Pastor Sidney called. Can Fern and Sainam come to Ubon? We felt God's leading and said yes: Welcome. And on Thursday they came.

Fern and Sainam will now 6-7 month be on internship here in Ubon before they graduate from a 4-year Bible School in the spring of 2016 in Omkoi, up in the mountains.

Pray for Ferm and Sainam .... but also that these two girls will open the way for many Karens to be bold  .... leave the mountains and go to Isaan. Ingvar

21 augusti 2015

4 levels of work

We are more ... well much more than what we can do. This truth is clear when we have small babies around. Also when we are elderly people around. But in middle age we can easily fall into believing that our value is in what we do. 4 Levels of works are:

Level 1. I do it myself.
Level 2. The Holy Spirit helps me to do the job.
Level 3. God himself works around here - directly and/or through me.
Level 4. Others are and do the same around here (we are a team) but also in other places. They can also, they also receive help from the Holy Spirit and they also give space for God's mighty works. And they also multiply.

Today I have an In-Service-in-Ubon-Training and looking again into:

"God let these 4 levels of work be in me and around me today. Amen." Ingvar

8 augusti 2015

10 very good days

In Missions we often see very interesting connections like this:

A young man from Taiwan and a young woman from Thailand studied in Linköping Sweden. They meet and married. Samuel is from Pastor Timothy's church in Sing Fon, Taiwan and Pure from a church in Kantaralak outside Ubon.

We (including Samuel`s mother Hope) visited yesterday Pure's mother, who is not yet a Christian.

We now look back on 10 very good days with 10 people from Taiwan and Yom and Rose from Thailand. We had over 2.000 people listening to us in churches, schools, home and right in the community. The combination of Child Safe Communities and the Gospel of Jesus Christ became very effective.

And many who are right now struggling alone "out there" ... were encouraged. Ingvar

1 augusti 2015

Taiwan team and Khong Chiam

We are now in Khong Chiam as far east we can go in Thailand with 10 persons in Taiwan team, Jom, Rose, Anna and me. 

The Taiwan team come yesterday morning and yesterday we had orientation in the morning and went here to Khong Chiam in the afternoon. 

Today we had a good time with the children.

 In the afternoon we planted rice. 
The rain is 1 month late this year, but now..... it`s on. Praise God. The farmers are very busy planting rice. So we were today Planting Rice and Blessing the Land. May God bless THAILAND.from the most Eastern part of the country. Ingvar