15 november 2016

Welcomed immigrant

Yesterday Anna and I went to the Immigration and received our 1 year visa. Even if we had
all the papers …. we had a taste of how it is to be an immigrant. You never know how you will be treated. We have over the years met hard government officials in different countries always asking for more papers but also those who have been very very friendly and helpful.
Not until the stamp is in passport and in the Work Permit book do you know if you will be able to stay and continue the work or not.

Yesterday, the government officials treated us with the greatest possible kindness. Not a question. We got the feeling that they think they are doing a merit by helping us. In Thailand missionaries have a great Good Will and honor. Pray that we in all can live up to that.

Our job description is: Missionary. To preach the gospel and teach the Christian religion. Thank you Jesus for the mission you and the Thai Authorities have given us. And thank you dear Thais that you are welcoming us so warmly.

We walked out of the Thai Immigration today, grateful for the call of God and the kindness of the Thai people.

I hope and pray that immigrants to Sweden feel the same warm welcome coming to Sweden. Ingvar

9 november 2016

Frogs, boardmeeting and failed homevisit.

Had an interesting day.
 Wanting to cool down the room before the board members come, we just heard a rumble in the AC compressor. And it came to a stop. Ingvar found a dead frog and another alive escaped from there. But the compressor doesn't want to start now.

Grateful for a Boardmeeting today in the tune of joy and gratefulness. I said to our staff yesterday that, yes writing reports might be boring and timeconsuming, but usually we are encouraged when we look at what has happened the last six months.

Grateful for all the hard work of the Child Safe Community team. And for the open doors and cooperation with schools, local community leaders, churches and government. All for the sake of the children of Isaan.   We've seen the team recently add new members who bring with them talents and skills we have been lacking. Isaan has a special music and song culture. It is important to reach the heart of  the people. Combining songs and rythm to the awareness program is so good.

N&GC (New and Growing Churches)
Grateful for the heart of unity in the group of pioneer workers and to see their humility and willingness to reach across the denominational boundaries. We had purposed to ''strengthen feeble knees and weak hands'' and the feedback we get is that these gatherings means a lot to many who otherwise would have given up and left Isaan.

Today we visited a home. We had been asked to help a young mother who has prostituted herself and is in a bad shape. Family fears for her sanity and she hasn't been able to leave the house for quite some time. Is battling a demonic darkness.  But today we missed her by a few minutes.
Jesus came to set free, those who are bound by the power of darkness. Love is our most powerful tool. We will be back.



5 november 2016

...... give thanks...

 ......in everything give thanks..... 

1 Thessalonians 5:18