24 februari 2014

Celebration Together in the Community

Since we came to Ubon October 1, 2013 we have been praying: What are the keys to the modern city dwellers in Ubon? To the Global Cultural People.

In December we saw a well located restaurant. This is a place mainly used for Wedding receptions for up to 300 people. The name is Phon = Blessing. In Thai "God bless you" this word is included.

We thought: This is a good place for a Sunday afternoon Celebration Together. We asked, but oh.. oh.. oh .. the rent was too high. We continue to ask other places. At Hotels and different public buildings. But no place seemed good.
A week ago , we went back to the "Blessing" restaurant. The rent was now right and yesterday it was agreed that on March 23, April 27, May 25 and June 22, it will be Celebration Together there at 16:00.
During these 4 Sunday afternoons it will be in both Thai and in English Worship and the Word of God in the Community, where anyone can come in and feel at home. The goal is not one place, but that all Churches in town will find ways to have Worship and The Word of God ... right in the Community. Thank you for Praying with us on this. Ingvar

20 februari 2014

Another fire: "The fiery dart"

Last week I wrote about the very unfriendly "Friendly fire." This morning as I was praying and was reminded about praying with Paul from Eph. 6... about taking the shield of faith to quench all the fiery darts of the enemy. The word:"Fiery darts" stood out to me in my heart and I knew God was on to something.
Later in the day I was reminded about fear coming against us as a fiery dart and if we would allow it to touch our emotions, through anxiety and worries, the fire will spread and it will be felt in a most tangible way. Even in the body. The stomach might feel the fire spreading, headaches etc.
Paul encourages us to hold up the shield of faith.......and it will quench or kill the fire.
To be bold and take courage(Joshua 1) with our eyes fixed on our awesome God and Faithful Father, instead of trying to be in control of the possible giants lurking in the unknown. Building us up in faith and in the knowledge of who God is, will strengthen our shield. The perfect love of God will cast out all fear, making the shield whole and the enemy's darts are not given the opportunity to ignite its destructive fire.
Just something for our hearts to meditate on.

10 februari 2014

''Friendly fire'' is not friendly at all!

I was going to write this last week but was too weak then.
The Lord taught us on the tough mission training field of Bangladesh, the reality of ''friendly fire''.
''Friendly fire'' is not friendly at all. It's a soldier friend on the same side of the battle line who shoots you in your unprotected back. Whose duty was to cover you when you're on the frontline against the bullets of the enemy. You might know or not be aware of the bullets.
What are the bullets symbols of? It's words of critisism, judgments or condemnation or back biting, gossip. David in many of his songs, writes of words and tongues like swords and knives.
I think the body of Christ suffers more casualties because of ''friendly fire'' than of any other fire. On the missionfield or in our churches at home.
Words are extremely powerful and many times we use them carelessly and agree with our enemy and wound the ones in front of us.
I believe our world would be a much better place and the church a strong happy crowd of people if we would pray like David in PS 141:3 ...''set a guard oh Lord over mouth, keep watch over the door of my lips.''
Yes we live inte the era of grace, so Father I forgive those who have spoken or cursed me, and I declare: No weapon formed against me shall prosper and every word I condemn because this is my heritage through Jesus and He is my Righteousness. (see Is 54:17)
And what about vengeance? All vengeance I have decided to place in the hands of the Lord ;-).
It's high time though that we as the church take responsibility for our words. '' Out of the same mouth proceed blessing  and cursing, My brothers these things ought not to be so.'' (see James 3:10.
What ever we see in our brother infront of us. Dare to bless instead. God knows well what to do with your blessings.
Love Anna

2 februari 2014

Many good things

Sorry we have been slow writing on our English Blog lately. Sad face. Many good things has happed the last 2 weeks:

The 2 days seminar ''Turning the Hearts of the Fathers to the Children'' with some 60 leaders turn out very well. God was speaking and .... touching.
I got my new Work Permit last week. It`s a EFT visa/work permit telling: Missionary. Teaching religion and doing evangelism. I am happy to do that!

May God bless Thailand and the people of Thailand.
Today is the election day. All has been peaceful in Ubon. Pray for Thailand and that many bridge-makers will step up uniting the different groups.

The Training Centre. We are very happy that we found a good place to have a Training Centre. Yesterday we moved into House 57, Soi 11, Chayangkun Road, Ubon. This is right in the community only 1 km from our house. 
We see the great need here for networking together in Church Planting so we can be:

1) Persons ...... who learn and can do the work effectively. This kind of person thinks: This-must-be-good. I have the capacity, training and authority and as I learn more I can do it all myselves.
2) Persons ...... who teach others to do it .... so to say: Doing it instead of me. This kind of person thinks: The work is too big for me. I better teach others to be my coworkers assisting me as good loyal employees who are skilled and work hard.

3) Persons ...... who train others so they can train others so they can .....  This kind of person thinks: My work is part of the Kingdom of God and it will be multiplied to others that will reach others.

We will teach all these 3 kind of people... but the main on is number 3. Ingvar