31 december 2012

Mice-nests and New Years Eve

The last day of the year 2012. The last page in my diary as well. Time to start on a new fresh book and a new fresh year.
Another metaphor: Ingvar and Phil are working hard on finding and cleaning out mouse nests in the car. For 2 days they taken a part half(exaggerated) of the car to find and clean out the mess these little terrors have made. Half decomposed mice have the most dreadful smell. 

I read from Luke 6:45 ‘’ A good man out of the good treasure(storeroom) of his heart, brings forth good, and an evil man out of the  treasure(storeroom) of his heart brings forth evil. For out of the abundance of the heart his mouth(or facebook or twitter or, or...) speaks .’’
This doesn’t make up a complete picture though, but I believe we sometimes keep things in the storeroom of our heart, little things which we haven’t allowed the grace of God to touch. Little irritations, anger, disappointments, broken dreams, grudges etc, etc. 

To spend a little time asking God to reveal our little smelly mice-nests, clean them out, carry the mess to the cross. Then allow the storerooms to be filled with Gods grace and fresh wind of heaven instead (the wind is blowing through the car at the moment). That will help us get a good start on a new year 2013.
With Love Anna

26 december 2012

Be & Have shepherds/leaders....

Nice to be together as a family. We miss Tabitha, Sophie, Beatrice and Benjamin. This morning Ruth with family (and Richard a friend of Niklas) started their journey to Sweden, but Anna and I will stay a few more days here in Mondulkiri.

Shepherds/pastors/leaders and Christmas goes together. It's good to have time during the Christmas and New Year to think, hear words of wisdom from other people and from God. Mondulkiri is a good place for this.

"... the shepherds said to one another ...."

We are all shepherds/leaders in different areas and different ways to each other. Sometimes we do not realize that people around us look up to us and in different ways follow us. Jeremiah 3:15 came alive for me ... the other day.

“And I will give you shepherds according to My heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.”

My first thought was, "God give me this type of shepherds/pastors/leaders who have Your heart and feed me with knowledge and understanding. And of course the promises of God are for me. God wants to give me such shepherds/pastors/leaders ..... over me.

But my second thought came that many around me have the same prayer and that God wants to fulfill His promise to them by calling me to be a shepherd/pastor/leader after God's heart feeding them with knowledge and understanding.

The shepherds returned, the first Christmas (after they met Jesus) and I am sure that they were shepherds after the heart of Jesus, our Good Shepherd.

Woow, exciting promises of God. They involve both:

Myself to others. I become a leader after God's heart, and I feed them with knowledge and understanding.

Others to me. Others become leaders over me after God's heart feeding me with knowledge and understanding.

The Christmas message (and the whole Bible) is so rich so we need the whole life to understand it, ....partly. Ingvar

22 december 2012

Christmas and New Years letter

Dear Friends, You can now klick on this, and find our Christmas and New Years letter.

We have now come to Mondolkiri in Cambodia and will be with Mariam`s family and ..... also some days with Ruth`s Family. We are missing Tabitha, Sophie, Beatrice and Benjamin.

We wish all of you this Christmas and New Year much joy and ... a lot of fresh spiritual, mental and physical food... in Bethlehem =The Bread House.

Ingvar & Anna 

14 december 2012

To the east and to the south

Anna and I have had 2 very good days in Ubon and are now here in Hat Yai and Sonkhla for 4 days. It`s good to see what God is doing in these places and ... to bless the nationells working here.

I become more and more happy to see how we can help and bless the local people in the community and in the Churches. Hand in hand together in God`s love is the best way to see progress in every area, also here in deep south. Ingvar

10 december 2012

40 years together.

We have had a wonderful weekend. Yesterday we had our 40th Wedding anniversary.

15th Crystal
16th Porcelain
20th China
25th Silver
30th Pearl
35th Coral,
40th Ruby
45th Sapphire
50th Gold
55th Emerald
60th Diamond

We were married in the The Mission Church (Covenant Church), Kungshamn, Sweden and had the reception on the mission ship Elida. Oh we have had wonderful and fantastic 40 years. To serve in Missions is the best to do in life.

The last week we have had our daughter Ruth, her husband Niklas and their daughter Emelie with us. They have left for south Thailand but we will meet them in Cambodia during Christmas.

Ingvar & Anna