18 september 2018


We look back on a very encouraging Fri-Sat-Sun-Mon. We have met many wounderful people. Grandchild's birthday in Hällingsjö, Open Doors 10th anniversary in Örebro, 2 Churches and homes, and yesterday a good time at Betel Klädesholmen with the Seniors. I like being with people, at conferences, in the local Churches and at homes.
How can we work hard, without being burning out? Many are struggling these days to cope with everything needed to be done ….. and at the same time wanting to serve God and people.

The good news is that The Church with its mission and The Kingdom of God as a whole is a source of blessing and power. We are blessed and encouraged together.

Boldness. Let us be more bold in serving in different ways. It's not time to give up helping those who are struggling. Some are under hard pressure in a hostile environment, others in a small Churches, feeling lonely. Let`s stay by each other and bless each others.

2 september 2018


We are part of the Church life both in Sweden and in Ubon-Pakse. Its a privilege and a blessing to feel the heart of God in the midst of the church and the society.
I can see 3 types of Christians:

1. Those who are worn out in a hectic world. They are coming to church to relax. They do not want to have more work, but need a touch of God to keep on going.

2. Those who are along. Loneliness in Sweden is a major public illness. They are coming to church to serve God and people.

3. Those who love Jesus, but do not find a place in a local church. We meet this group of people both in Asia and in Sweden. We are praying that these brothers and sisters should feel the Church as open and welcome as Jesus himself: Rehoboth (Hebrew: רְחוֹבוֹת, Reḥovot; lit. broad places.
                   For now the Lord has made room for us, and we                                                           shall be fruitful in the land.”
                                                             Genesis 26:22

We are this fall (up to Oct 2) visiting homes, individuals, Second Hand and Churches in Sweden. We feel very welcomed. Today I went by boat to the church.
                                          Love Jesus and love the Church.