26 augusti 2017

Planning together first.

Over the years I have seen many different ways of   Here are 3 types:
Type 1. I must first plan myself before I plan with others. I think that I have to come to a planning meeting with a complete and "ready" solution.
Type 2. Plan together step by step without first being "ready" myselves. Dare to first plan together with God and others even around the big issues. Not just about the details.
Type 3. Do not plan ... we take it as it comes along. Sometimes we want to call this: To be led by the Spirit.

Yesterday we had a day of planning. Very rewarding. One agreement has expired. 

When we started, Anna asked: What do you think is the best way to grow? Differant alternatives came up:
  • Work will be best if we cooperate with foreign NGOs.
  • Work will be best if we cooperate with a National body.
When we all came to the conclusion for the best way forward the National body was prefered. One person commented: We thought all wanted to work with a foreign NGO.

We ended the day reading 2 Cor 2:12. "....  and a door was opened to me by the Lord. And Jood said: Yes, we have many open doors. 

Yes let`s together see God`s open doors, and yes ..... let`s allow him to plan and lead us together... alos in the planning. 


17 augusti 2017

Two Homes

After a good Home assignment, it`s good to be home in Ubon-Pakse again. Blessed to meet many coworkers in this area again.  

7 augusti 2017

Speak... so people hears God`s voice.

Last Sundag I spoke in a small pioneer church 30 km outside Ubon. Anna spoke at Bethel Church at Klädesholmen. Happy Anna is coming to Ubon on Friday.
How do we speak? We can speak in many ways. Empty words, joke, spread anxiety, insult, wisdom, encouragement, joy, etc. We can also speak a lot from the Church pulpit, but the most important thing is not my powerful speach or how well I can draw up the Bible's stories. No. There is a higher divine path.

God, in your presence - I want to hear your voice and be equipped myselves.
God, in your presence - I want others to hear your voice and be equipped thmselves  

Even if they are new Christians.