31 oktober 2012

Home again

Now I'm home after very good 22 days in Bangkok, India and Pakistan. Thank you everyone who has been praying for me. As I look back, I see many have a hard life, but still good things are happening right now in the churches, in families and in society. The 7 leadership seminars I had was the most positive. The leaders are indeed growing and wants to be equipped to train others, who are training others, who are .....

On Sunday night we had a meeting in the "tent colony". These Christians are persecuted, only living in tents without electricity. By encouraging them to worship and serve the Living God and also the parents, to send their children to school, we trust many good things will happen to them.

Monday night, a few hours before my flight, we had a meeting in one of the suburbs of Islamabad. This is a new pioneer church worshipping outside under the open sky. I am always very happy when the gospel reaches out into new suburbs of our huge and growing mega cities of Asia.

This trip put me even more into the challenge of Church Planting Movements. Ingvar

26 oktober 2012

A safe place

Today I am at the TREE(in short for Tree of Life Ministry) but often we also find ourselves at the other TREE and the symbol for the complete work of Jesus Christ on the cross.
We've just finished the session reminding us of the truth that our pain, our torment, our woundings, has a place also in the finished work of Christ. Today when preparing I had a picture in my mind how it could have looked like when the kids were crowding around Jesus and the disciples of Jesus chased them away. Jesus saw what was going on and told them not to forbid the kids to come close.
I was sharing to our recipients that Jesus is a safe place to come when we are vulnerable, and He is waiting to receive the pain and shame which we might be holding on to.
When one of the ladies said: Wow, when we were worshipping I saw Jesus surrounded by kids and his white clothes were covered with red stripes.
Father is so good when he speaks to his children so clearly, it is building into their lives faith and trust.
The lives of this group of women is being transformed right before our eyes, and is such a joy to see them grow(and glow).

25 oktober 2012

From Land to Land

I left India after 16 very good days. Now I am in Pakistan and ..... I have started here in Faisalabad. Today was also a very good day with leaders, school and tonight with the church.

Together with the nationells, in every country we work, - life is exiting. I am so blessed to have many good nationell friends and .... together the progress is much faster. Ingvar

20 oktober 2012

21 October 1972

It was this wonderful man which I became engaged to on this day 40 years ago. Was it romantic. Not on the outside, but there was romance in the heart and it has remained. This is an art or skill which needs to be cultivated and sharpened all through the married life.
Love Anna

16 oktober 2012

Upstream Ganges

I am now travelling upstream Ganges from Kolkata, Varanasi, Gorakhpur to Delhi. During my travelling I enjoy having more than full program. Over the year I have got use to how to travel, but …. also to plan ahead. Just to “fall down” from the sky without planning gives much confusion. I like:

a) To do planning. From last visit, this visit and to next visit.
b) To be partakers in each projects a few days. I am not a visitor that just is happy to visit the office and sit at a board meeting.
c) To make space in the program for unplanned Divine appointments.
d) To be up-dated on my E-Mails. And these days, I can sit in the train in India and send E-Mails.
e) To experience … that I am travelling with Jesus. I like it.

I love to be part of the grassroots people and the grassroots projects.

Now I and Jonas F are in Gorakhpur. And ….. Emmanuel, Jesus is with us on this journey. Ingvar

7 oktober 2012

To be Content and "hungry" for change... at the same time

Yesterday my brother LarsEvert put out on Facebook some very nice autumn photos from Sweden. I started to miss the Swedish autumn. But, at the same time, I looked out the window here in Chiang Mai and began to see everything beautiful..... also right here where we live.

It is really an art of living to be content, but at the same time have dreams and visions for change and development for something better.

After two days I will go to Kolkata. For 20 days I will be in projects in India and in Pakistan. To be able to live in this paradox, I need 3 things, even in places like Kolkata:

a) Be present and thankful.
b) Work with (and under) the national.
c) Invite the presence of God, let Him speak and act in everything and everywhere.

This is indeed a challenge and gives life maaaany blessings. Ingvar