18 mars 2010

Rain from heaven x 2

Rain certainly always comes from heaven, but this time it really comes as an answer to prayer.
The air has been full of smog, and particles on a health hazardous levels. The eyes sting, breathing becomes heavy. Many people with lung problem have had a hard time. Praise the Lord for answers to prayer. It's raining!! Love Anna

17 mars 2010

....only complete in community.

The Community Church in Chiang Mai has made a LENT Devotional 2010 book. On page 58 Bijoy K. (India) writes:

"In God`s Kingdom, true spirituality is complete only when practiced in community."

I love to be in the Church for worship, fellowship, spiritual food, growth + + +. But, thank you Bijoy; “…. only complete when practiced in the community”. So both IN there and OUT there is needed. Ingvar

2 mars 2010

From ‘’life in a pigpen, to being embraced by father’’

Some in the team and I have just spent 2 days teaching, praying and ministering to a wonderful group of people. From 3-4 peoplegroups, but the majority from a tribe who make up much of the construction labors and nightbarworkers in the north.

When the lost son was coming closer towards home, the Father ran to embrace his son, though the son was a stinking mess(coming from a life in the pigpen). What a wonderful picture of Father’s heart.

This group of new disciples some have hardly come out of their pigpen clothes, but just like the lost son who suddenly decides to come home, they were hungry for daddy’s hug, and thirsty for the unconditional love and acceptance, and they truly encountered God. They got a royal welcome, it was a party with tears and conviction and they were overwhelmed by His presence. Their filthy rags left at the cross, new white robes were visible through new hope and light in their eyes. Reconciliation is sweet. This is a day they will never forget because they have encountered and connected with Father through Jesus the Beloved and the cross.

This is messy work but lots of fun too.

Thank you for praying!