22 februari 2017

Would you rejoice with me today.

I just love testimonies of deliverance. When the truth of God breaks the shackles of lies. 

One man in our pioneer meeting today, who did not receive any special prayer, but in the atmosphere of worship and the presence of God he was suddenly surprised by the truth, that he truly is forgiven of every sin in his life. He exclaimed: "I never experienced anything like this, I feel so light, so free". And he smiled from ear to ear. 

Would you rejoice with me today. Love Anna

16 februari 2017

...landed in Ubon-Pakse

On the way from Göteborg

the word from 2 Cor 2:12 was ringing in us.  Furthermore, when I came to Troas to preach Christ's gospel, and a door was opened unto me of the Lord,
Right there on the plane we thanked the Lord for all the open doors here in Ubon-Pakse.
We landed yesterday afternoon in Ubon and we look forward to new step forward in the mission work. Anna wrote on facebook last night ... before she went to bed.

So grateful to the Lord. Grace, Rose, Jom and Lamphuang welcomed us at Ubon Ratchathani airport. So lovely to meet again and update a bit, there will be much more of that.

The room/unit we rented in the fall @ Pakdee Mansion was naturally vacated the 14th. Cleaned the 15th and ready for us to occupy today. Perfect timing. Nice to be back in the same place. Perfectly located for us.

Tomorrow we start.... hoping for minimum of jetlag. Our bodies yearn for a good stretch on the bed. Thank you all for praying.

Have a good weekend. Ingvar

4 februari 2017

We are doing well.

We are doing well. Happy to be in Sweden more or less 13 months. We are both of us active in different ways. We care right now active In the family, the church, the mission and the community. This weekend we will be in ED.

  • Between the 16th to the 29th we will be in Issan and in Laos.   
  • April-July we will again be in Sweden
  • Moving to Ubon end of Juli.
This is our garden House (Friggebod) we are living is. 
May God bless you... this weekend. Ing var