28 september 2021

The Intern: Kriang

For 5 months ago Kriang took a decision; I will now 5 months full-heartily service in Streams of Grace Church Ubon, before I go to the military.

And Kriang did his 5 months very good. He has been a great blessing for us all. On Thursday last week we had a sad and happy Bye Bye evening for for him. 

Sunday was also a special: Thank you.

We have many children, students and young people coming. All are blessed in Ubon Music Café and in the Church fellowship. The worship is powerful and encouraging.

To make a commitment, a divine decision in young age brings blessings for the whole life. 

We are with you Kriang in prayer as you now will go to into the military.

Short termers, Interns, etc ..... most welcome.   

Greetings from Ingvar (Fred).

16 september 2021

More than .....an earthen vessel

We are more than:

1. a vessel. We got a treasure inside.

2. music. Our hearts are worshipping our living Jesus

A touching song. Klick on this: The heart of Worship: 

When the music fades. I'm comin' back to the heart of worship   

And it's all about You   It's all about You, Jesus

3. a good program. Over the year we can learned how to be: Program Makers. But good programs are nothing without Jesus in the midst of it. 

1 Cor 13 speaks If I ..... am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. 

                            if I ..... no love, I am nothing.

                            If I....  no love, I gain nothing.

Last weekend: Friday-Saturday-Sunday was encouraging. Jesus himself blessed us all. Church locality is starting to be too small.  

We need these days more than ever the Church fellowship. To come together and ...... experience the living true body of Christ.

God Bless Ingvar (Fred)

Hope to be able to rent this room, next to The Church

1 september 2021

A-B-C is on

"Worship or you will die" was a clear instruction to us as we moved here to Isaan-Pakse. The assignment was not to make all kinds of programs, but: "Worship and you will see Jesus working".
The answer is not to make more and more program ... around us. Not C-B-A but A-B-C. 

Today I came into the Streams of Grace Church here in Ubon and ...... it was overflowing of Praise. 

Recording was going on. A talented music producer has come and ...... everyone was so happy. One day you will hear it on our Streams of Grace Facebook. 

"Let the whole world know that we are the people of Praise". 

Ingvar (Fred)