27 oktober 2014

Today we go lower, deeper into the society

I am so grateful for all wonderful testimonies and the power of Gods love which we saw being poured out upon so many in Ubon. The seminar ''Becoming sons and daughters for such a time a this'' brought about 80 people joining the mornings and more people joined the evenings. So much joy and also tears, as the participants received a deeper revelation of Father's love.

By experience I know that this is a key to be able to be a true and overflowing witness of His love to a very broken community. We want to be vessels testifying of Him and His overflowing love for humanity.
After an awesome 4 days of seminar and ministry together with Jean Andrews(USA) and local team and from Chiang Mai we are today opening an interesting addition of ministry at the Community Center today. 

Just as I write this, downstairs about 15 alcoholics mostly from Bhuddhist background are starting their journey to freedom.

A Christian nurse practitioner working at the Psyciatric hospital in Ubon is heading the program. This is a first step to something which she and we also believe can develope into a ministry of restoration for the addicts. Some churches are joining in this work.
I am amazed at the pace God is working on so many levels in this part of Thailand. It is time for Isaan. Alcohol and gambling are huge problems here bringing poverty and an circle of evil and the common root of the trafficking problem.
Father empower N.P Pet and her team with your heart and wisdom to do and be all what you want them to do and be.
Love Anna

21 oktober 2014

Father God`s heart .....

When we came to Ubon for one year ago we quickly noticed that many cried out for help in their: Father/Mother-Son/daughter relationship. And even more Grandmother/grandfather relationship with their grandchildren.

This weekend (Thurs-Fri-Sat-Sun) we have our 3rd Father Heart of God - Seminar in Ubon. This time we are happy to have Jean Andrews as our speaker. Follow us here on this blog, how it goes. 
This picture (below) is from one spiritual father - young man hug and prayer in Chiang Mai. Pray that many will experience the Father's great love for us all in Ubon.      
Pray for Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun in Ubon. Be also inspired of our new info - wall in the Community (Training) Center.

The flags are: Laos - ASEAN - Thailand. God bless you: Ingvar

14 oktober 2014

Do Networking+Own work=Build the Kingdom of God

The last days we have met many serving God in this area. We are very happy to 
                  Do Networking 
                   +    Own Work
= Build the Kingdom of God. 

We do clearly see that when we with right portion:  
Do Networking with an open heart + Have some own work we can = build up the Kingdom of God.

The focus is to help the local Christians to grow and multiply. Last Sunday we had a good day in a Udon Thani Church.
 And.... had some good time with a good friend of us.