25 oktober 2015

Heaven come down

We set out today to visit a small church in the network of churches in Ubon, to encourage the precious hardworking servants of God. We came to locked doors, and the neighbor said "they have gone to Korat". Another worshiper joined us and together we set out for another church. Believe it or not, that was closed as well. 

It was getting long into church service time. So we decided to stop at a cafe to have a drink and pray together there. We got our coffee/tea and started to approach Father God....and suddenly we are surrounded by His Presence in a very tangible way, our friend is in tears, she prays for the crowds of friends who are caught and bound by religion and the constrictions of society and culture. 
She sees them as birds in a cage unable to fly because they have been deemed unable to fly as they come from lesser academic standard. From simple laborers, or  'fishermen' less noble backgrounds. How can they fly if they have not studied how to?
I love how God so often seeks out the poor, calls the simple, even to the shame of the noble, He displays His power and His heart to the least and the lowest.

Now this bird is flying, soaring higher and higher. But she keeps on returning to this cage where her friends are still held, by believing that they are mere a chicken and not eagles. There she cries for their release and freedom to be who they truly are.

Wow! Our little cafe meeting turned into 'Heaven came down' - and we ended in laughter.
Let's not restrict Heaven.
Love Anna

22 oktober 2015

Now a Mission team to Ubon.

We have now 32 Americans on a mission team to Ubon for 4 days. We have been with them 2 days to 3 new churches outside the city. Very good to see how God is working. 

Tonight was the first night of two Thai-American Worship Concerts in Ubon. It was a good start. Well done many people and .... most of all God did a good work in many. 

Interesting that I today could greet the person incharge of the Ministry of Culture and Religion. He looked happy and was very positive to us Christians. We pray for him and others in the Government. Ingvar

14 oktober 2015

Not like a beautiful cactus, but....

When I think of the Church, Missions and Thailand I cant but see before me these numbers.

Statistics and numbers do not say everything, but for sure that:
1. God is now calling Thai to take many major new steps forward in spreading the gospel to the unreached in Thailand.

2. God is now calling us missionaries to take major new steps forward to come alongside the Thai in this work.

Yesterday we relaxed at Horizon Village outside of Chiang Mai. Beautifully. Although cactuses can be very beautiful, still I do not want to be like a cactus.

I want to be like a beautiful orchid ... with Anna and others. Psalm 1 is ringing in me.

Today morning we came back home to Ubon. Anna is right now teaching Set My People Free that was developed in Acts Chiang Mai for some years ago. 
Now we pray that we can teach others that teach others that teach others that…. 2 Tim2:2. Ingvar  

8 oktober 2015

5 days in Chiang Mai

Will go to Chiang Mai and be there 5 days. Will have SPM annual meeting and 2 days of rest.