11 mars 2024

Happy to share the Living HOPE

As Ajarn Boy has been away for a Seminar, I have been sharing both on Friday and yesterday. To prepare a sermon is exciting and refreshing. It is like heaven is open and a river of Life flowing:
1. The Word of God (Logos) is becoming LIVING. 
2. God is speaking personally to us. His Rhema. 
3. We share the living witness (Matyrio) what God is done.

And on Friday evening the word was; We have a hiding place in Jesus so .... we do not need to hide.

Sunday the subject was; Tune-up with the Living Hope. Yes Jesus became flesh, lived among us and people saw the Kingdom of God. Jesus among us is Living HOPE for us right here today. The word is 100% working.

In Asia we have many religions, giving many demands how to please the Spirits. But all good works (Merit-making) is never enough. Only in Jesus we become accepted and God's Children. 

Corrie ten Boom served people in need. Many Jews had nowhere to go to find shelter. We have here also people who need somewhere to have a temporary shelter. First, they GIVE UP but when JESUS is touching them they find restoration and LIVING hope. Also equipped to help others. 

Have a good week, helping many who are rootless and need God`s agape-love so they can come back on their feet again. 

Ingvar (Fred) 

Learning Loop with our daughter Mariam will have a workshop in Ubon this week. Happy to have her here 4 days.